Police Report for Friday March 21 2014


Ana Maria Westby of Vista del Mar, Ladyville reported that on Thursday 20.03.14 about 5:45p.m. she visited the Body 2000 Gym on Coney Drive, Belize City leaving her Mazda Tribute parked on Scaloop Avenue which is the street beside the gym, properly secured. She went into the Gym where she was informed at about 6:50pm that her vehicle was broken into. She made check and found that the left passenger’s glass window valued $400.00bcy was completely broken. Stolen from inside her vehicle were personal items and cash valued at $2,600.00Bcy. Police Investigations continues.


American businesswoman of Santa Monica, California and owner of the Sausage Factory located on Coco Plum Drive, San Pedro Town reported to the Police that on 14.03.14 she fired the factory’s manager and the assistant manager. She then conducted an internal audit of the business and at her conclusion she discovered that the following monies to the total value of $25,577.66 Bcy were missing and suspects that the monies were stolen by her former employees. Police investigations continue.


At about 09:15 a.m. on 20.03.14, while conducting operation in the San Mateo Area, San Pedro Town, police search an area in the garbage site and found a black plastic bag containing suspected cannabis. No one was in the immediate area during the time of the discovery. As a result the bag was brought to the San Pedro Police station where it was weighted and amounted to 540 grams of suspected cannabis. It was sealed in an envelope and deposited as found property.


At about 09:15 a.m. on 20.03.14, police conducted a search in the mangroves in an area by San Juan, San Pedro Town and found a package wrapped in white plastic, inside a zip lock plastic bag. The package which was suspected to be cocaine was brought to the San Pedro Police Station. No one was found in the immediate area. At the station the suspected drugs was weighted which amounted to 1,210 grams. of suspected cocaine. It was sealed and labelled as found property


At 6:30pm on 20.03.14, police visited Bullet Tree Village where about 100yards away from Pride of Mopan Bar on the Santa Familia Road, they observed a gold colored Kia Sorento SUV, L/P-SC-C-11084 parked on the right had side of the road. A search of the vehicle led to the discovery of the body of 24-year-old Keila Burgess of #10 Oriole Street, Belmopan City lying face up on the extreme rear of the vehicle with a plastic bag over her face and a white plastic tightener strapped around her neck. The body was transported to the San Ignacio Hospital where it was pronounced dead. A 21-year-old male student of Kontiki Area, San Ignacio Town has reportedly admitted to strangling Burgess at his residence and disposed of her body in Bullet Tree Village in her vehicle. He was observed with scratches on the left shoulder, left side of chest, back, left side of face, neck and right forearm. A search of his vehicle also led to the discovery of the keys for the said Kia Sorento. The student and his 18-year-old girlfriend a waitress of Kontiki area have since been detained pending investigations.


At 5:49pm on 20.03.14, police visited the Customs check-point at the Belize Northern Border where customs officers handed over 32-year-old Derrick Thompson, Belizean laborer of #22 Iguana Street, Belize City. Customs official reported that they conducted a search on his blue Chrysler van, L/p-BC-C-46555 which resulted in the discovery of (3) parcels of suspected cannabis weighing 1,107grams, 970grams and 1,005 grams. Accompanying Thompson at the time were 36-year-old Keisha Garnett of Belize City, 25-year-old James Welch and 36-year-old Jason Brown also of Belize City. All four persons have since been detained pending charges. **end***

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