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Thu, March 1, 2012

As we told you earlier in the news, the police today held a press conference to give the media an update on the bank robbery at First Caribbean near the Belcan Bridge.

According to our records, it is the first police press conference in over a year! And that’s a story in itself!

But, our next story is about the dismissive behavior of Police Minister Doug Singh – who told a journalist that he would be asked to leave the press conference if he kept pushing a certain line of questioning.

The reporter is Rowland Parks of the Reporter Newspaper – and he was pressing the police to give an explanation as to why deadly force was used on Albert Assi – after the weapons he had used to shoot after police had apparently been left in the getaway boat – and Assi had already been incapacitated with a gunshot to the leg.

We pick up the exchange where the officer commanding Eastern Division ACP Elodio Aragon avoided answering Parks and was telling the press that more updates would be coming. Still, Parks pressed on, and that’s when the police minister snapped at him:

ACP Elodio Aragon Jr. – Officer Commanding Eastern Division

“We will update you guys as we progress in this investigation.”

Rowland Parks – Reporter Newspaper

“But sir, you have already found the guns.”

Doug Singh – Minister of Police

“Can I say something, Mr. Parks? The police is not on trial here, you can try to establish what you choose-“

Rowland Parks

“No I’m just trying to establish-“

Doug Singh

“But I’m trying to say the line of questioning is out of order. We’ve ask you here simply to get information on what has proceeded. If you wish to do an independent investigation, Mr. Parks, feel free to do so, at this point in time the police is offering you information, if you feel they acted unorthodox-“

Rowland Parks

“Sir, but as a part of the media I have a right to ask questions.”

Dough Singh

“Absolutely but do not, you’ve gotten the responses and if you continue to insist, we’ll ask you to leave.”

The guns were recovered, and the police did not specify where the guns were found – and left it at saying the matter is still under investigation

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One thought on “Police Minister Snaps At Journalist

  • Darius Martinez

    The minister was out of order, the job of a journalist is to investigate to determine the circumstances surrounding an incident which is in this case is the use of unjustifiable force in the killing of a bank robber, it is obvious that Mr. Singh thinks of himself as all powerful and could disrespect journalists if they are not in line with the police side of the story, what has happened here shows the need for a strong media association to protect their colleagues, this type of behaviour by persons in high government positions should no longer be tolerated, they must remember that it is our tax dollars that is paying their salary, Mr Singh’s behavior is at best unwarranted and unacceptable, the rest of Mr. Parks colleagues should have walked out in a show of solidarity.