PETITION: Maya Homeland in Belize Threatened by Americal Oil Prospectors

To: Honourable Prime Minister Dean Barrow

An international community of friends, allies and consumers of Belize tourism, agriculture and marine products want the governments of Belize and the United States to know that we are aware of the tenuous situation that is unfolding in the pristine cloud forest, ancient bog, and unique tropical wetlands of Southern Belize.

  1. The sensitive ecological systems of Belize must be protected from damage by oil or other industry.
  2. Belize’s burgeoning tourism industry must be protected from the negative impacts of oil development.
  3. The environmental risks and environmental health consequences of oil or other mineral development must be factored in to the economic equation completely and comprehensively (including possible spills, leaks, and contamination).

US Capital Energy is preparing to drill for oil in an effort to exploit and export the rich geological resources of Belize for their own financial gain. An exploration permit was granted to US Capital Energy in 2001, renewed in 2007 and a new permit is currently under review by the Government of Belize on land that was declared by the Supreme Court of Belize to be Maya Homeland.

Southern Belize is home to 38 Maya communities who live in traditional wood and thatch dwellings and follow traditional sustainable agricultural methods to feed their families.

Sign the petition here.

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