Orange Walk Pastor being sought for alleged sex crimes

Orange Walk Police are tonight in search of a pastor from that municipality. They believe that he can help them get to the bottom of a sinister plot involving the church, money and sex. Preliminary investigations are revealing that Pastor Rafael Perez of Zion Ministries Assembly of God Church, in Orange Walk Town, has been using his position to scam unsuspecting women out of money while attempting to get them to sleep with him. It’s a devastating blow to the credibility of evangelical churches and a nightmare for the women involved. Mike Rudon travelled north and has the story.

Mike Rudon, Reporting

This is the church where Pastor Rafael Perez has been operating for the past year and a half. It’s closed now, and has been for the past two weeks. And that’s because Perez is on the run. He’s being sought by church officials and the Police to answer a few questions. It has been alleged that since earlier this year, Perez has been telling women in the community that he can take them to Canada or Boston where they can work for five months. Alva Daniels is one of those women. She had heard about the offer made by Perez and asked him about it one day.

Voice of: Alva Daniels, Says Pastor Conned Her

“He offered me to go to the states to work and to have a better life.”


“What was the arrangement for that?”

Voice of: Alva Daniels

“The arrangement was that; he said that the condition was to pay two hundred dollars per person and the job is going to be for five months and a half.”


“And you paid him your money?”

Voice of: Alva Daniels

“Yes it did.”


Did you do it alone or you had other friends that went along with you?”

Voice of: Alva Daniels

“Yes I have friends that did this too.”

Daniels says she was concerned about the trip, since the pastor couldn’t produce anybody who had actually gone on one before. She kept asking him questions, but says he got angry, telling her not to tell anybody about it.

Voice of: Alva Daniels

“He really get mad and said that he would not give any information about that. Because I asked him; that I wanted to know the persons in charge there because according to him, there were persons in the U.S. that were pastors too. And he said that he could not give any information about them; their names or any contact number that we can call to know about this. He said that this was a situation that was just going to be between him and the persons that were going.”

One day she told Pastor Perez that instead of going for five months, she wanted to go for a year. He promised her an answer to that request, and one week after called to say he had one.

Voice of: Alva Daniels

“And I said what was it? and it is when he said that there are conditions for me if I really want to go on this trip and if I want to stay for this year that there were conditions.”

And the pastor wasn’t bashful in laying out those conditions.

Voice of Alva Daniels

“The conditions were to full him with love and caresses and that is what called to my attention coming from a pastor. But I played the fool that I was not understanding him. And I told him to clear this point to me that I was not understanding and he said that we are both adults and it doesn’t matter what we do and god will forgive us. And if I was really sure to go to this trip, I would accept this condition and that I must be prepared to do anything.”


“What else did he tell you?”

Voice of Alva Daniels

“That we must go to Corozal in the night for this to happen only both of us. And I must not tell anybody that there are things that we should not do, but to better our life, we have to do it.”

Daniels wasn’t the only one approached in that way by Perez. Another woman, who preferred to remain anonymous, says she paid her two hundred dollars, but didn’t have the money to take out her passport. Perez offered her the money…with conditions.

Voice of: Victim

“On that day, he gave me a hundred dollars and I told him thanks brother, I appreciate it. As soon as my husband gets paid, I will give you back your hundred dollars. And then he said to me no, I don’t want you to pay me back. I then said to him, how do you want me to pay you back? I don’t understand. He said to me, I will be clear with you. I want you to be with me. I then asked him what he wanted. I don’t understand. He then said that he wanted us to have something in exchange for the money he was giving me.”

Voice of: Alva Daniels

“There are more people and I would like to ask them to please talk because these things should not be happening.”

We spoke to only two women today. They knew of five others who were a part of the scam, one of whom paid over one thousand dollars to Perez. The pastor is currently not in residence, and hasn’t been for the past two weeks.


Residents say young women visit the pastor everyday

This morning, News Five also spoke to residents in the area of the Zion Ministries Assemblies of God Church in Orange Walk Town. They told us off camera that almost every day young women would visit the pastor at the church. They told us that when the women would go inside, Perez would close the doors to the church. The women we spoke to claim that reports about Perez have been given to the Police Department, but when we visited the station this morning there were no complaints on record. It has been confirmed by an official source, though, that the Police have gathered enough information to detain Perez, but they are asking the victims of the scam to come forward to provide evidence which would ensure that he is charged. News Five has also been able to confirm that there is money missing from the church coffers, though we have not been provided with an accurate figure. Today we called the number painted on the side of the church which is listed as Perez’s number. The person who answered told us that he bought the phone from a Hindu in Orange Walk Town and he doesn’t know who Pastor Rafael Perez is. Interestingly enough, News Five has been able to access some texts sent to a woman in Orange Walk from Perez on Tuesday from that number. We could not share the contents of those texts with you because of their graphic nature. We’ll have more on this story in Friday’s newscast.


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