One of them caught

In a new missing case in Cayo District again, the prompt response by the people calling in with information and police acting swiftly on the info, one Bert Vasquez has been brought into custody.

When they got him he had extra License plates in his car. The young girl Positively identified him!

This guy has been on the loose after several incidents in the past… WTF???


We at FiWeBelize hope that he finally gets what’s coming to him and that justice is rightly served.

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Unconfirmed is that the person that has been going around attacking the children is in custody at the San Ignacio Police Station. Word is that there is a huge gathering of people in front of the station..There is a demonstration planned for today in front of teh Police Station and the accused will have charges brought against him today.
His Facebook profile:

Another profile linked to him that is being updated still:
Why have they not started tracking the IPS of whoever is updating that profile and check with that person.. If it is Bert, crack the whip on the police for allowing him access. If it’s not, then bring that person in for questioning.


After pictures of the accused and his care got out to the public, more and more girls are coming out to confess that they were approached by this person or a person in this car.
We will keep you updates as we find out more….

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