NTUCB remains strong against BSI ASR BSCFA – Press Release

National Trade Union Congress of Belize expresses
  • refusal to buckle to name calling
  • re-affirmation their support for the BSCFA and
  • a plea to BSCFA members to remain united.

Press Release
(For Immediate Release)

January 08, 2015

The National Trade Union Congress of Belize; makes an impassioned plea to the members of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association, to remain united.

There is no way you can come through on the most beneficial end of this matter; if you now fall prey to the plot that has been skillfully weaved and orchestrated to break you up.

Whilst this Congress is being accused of leading this Association blindly, the NTUCB absolutely refuses to buckle under the name-calling. The NTUCB affirms that the measures it has undertaken to lend continued support to the BSCFA, is to ensure the longevity of the organization and to secure the BEST for the members of the BSCFA.

The NTUCB does not intend to see the BSCFA busted; with its members relegated to cane cutters rather than cane farmers.
This Congress begs the cane farmers to stand firm and stand strong as the NTUCB rallies with you to see the debacle through to the best possible outcome.

United we stand ... Divided we will all fall!!!

- ENDS -

Dylan Reneau

Adelaida Guerra
1st Vice President

Marvin Mora
2nd Vice President

Tel.: (501) 227 2678
Fax: (501) 227 2864
E-mail: ntucb@btl.net

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