Norwegian Cruise Lines, the GOB and Belize's Barrier Reef 1

Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL)…you won’t destroy our Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage site, our Great Blue Hole and its surrounding eco-systems, to build a casino and more! Not on our watch and not in our backyard! Belizeans, and True Friends of Belize, please help us raise awareness by sharing and making this go viral. As early as next week, the Belize government is taking this issue to Cabinet for a vote: whether or not to grant NCL permission to proceed with their proposed development within this fragile UNESCO World Heritage Site.Less than two weeks ago, the world was appalled to hear about the destruction of Nohmul pyramid, an ancient Mayan site that existed for 2,300 years until it was destroyed in one fell swoop by a local contractor armed with a bulldozer. Now, Nohmul is no more!

Please raise awareness by sharing this with your friends while time is still on our side.

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One thought on “Norwegian Cruise Lines, the GOB and Belize's Barrier Reef

  • Mike Heusner

    A cruise ship port in a World Heritage Site can and will never enhance the natural environment nor in any way sustain sustain the natural marine environment. Just look at the present environment of Stake Bank, a cruise port that actually received Environmental Impact Assessment approval, but was never built. To attempt to build a cruise ship port at Crawl Caye will be another exercise in futility, another man made environmental destruction.