No Referendum On March Seventh?

And while we’ve talked plenty about the double election on March seventh – you may be asking what about the referendum on offshore drilling? The Coalition to save Our Natural Heritage triggered the referendum mechanism to force the referendum to be called on that day, but it will not be – and the PM gave a highly technical explanation as to why at today’s press conference:

Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister

“In examination of the law; tells me that it can’t. As far as I know these signatures were obtained a long time ago. It appears that the decision not to present them to the chief elections officer for verification was taken so that the timing might allow for this referendum to occur on the same day as the municipal elections.”


“From what I have seen they’ve got it wrong. The referendum petition; the list of signatures was presented as I recalled on the 9th December. Two months from that for the completion of the exercise would be the 9th of February. But I suspect that because the law says after the verification with the Governor General has 30 days within which to issue the referendum writ. They thought somehow that would make it possible for the referendum writ to be issued for the 7th March.”

“What the law says is that the Governor General issues the referendum writ within 30 days and in that writ fixes the actual date of the referendum which can’t be before 30 days after the issue of the writ.”


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