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In Friday’s newscast, we showed you the video of hundreds of persons lining up at the George Price Centre in Belmopan where they took the oath to become new Belizean citizens. The rush to process and bestow citizenship on hundreds of persons is telling because municipal elections are just around the corner. And with the general elections imminent, it stands that the new Belizeans are soon be added to the voters list. There is also a report that four hundred and eighty additional persons will take the oath this Friday, at least that’s the plan being put in place by the Immigration Department. But sources close to News Five say that in the mad rush, a number of prerequisites for citizenship are being waived and that the letter of the law is not been followed. One new citizen told us in Spanish that he did not have to take the certain tests that form part of the requirements.

In the following video you will see the long lines at the George Price Centre, the busses, and U.D.P. political operatives, assisting the soon to be voters. According to our sources most of the new Belizeans are from the Corozal Southeast and Orange Walk Central constituencies. This morning the VIP, the Vision Inspired by the People, railed about the mass nationalization taking place saying that due process is not being adhered to and reminded government that the granting of nationality is a serious process for which due diligence and processes should be followed. The release says that one year ago, the VIP voiced its concern to the proposed amnesty of over twenty thousand illegal persons residing in Belize and called for due process to be respected and followed. That programme, which would have offered permanent residency, was shelved, but now there is evidence that citizenship is being granted to hundreds of persons.

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