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If 31 plus years of failures from both PUP and UDP is not enough to prove to you that the current system will only keep making things worst for us then I have no idea what will. Today more than ever WE “Common Belizeans” as Mr. Vega called us, MUST band together to make a difference for the future of the nation.

We are at the brink of loosing our country to Guatemala and going Bankrupt to the International Banking System.  Until you the people decide that your country and fellow Jewelizeans are worth more to you than being loyal to a political party; Belize will continue to be pillaged and raped of the things that should be for all people.

Time to make a change people. What better time than now? What better place than here?

Look at what the Icelanders did for their country. We must follow in their footsteps, not those of the US and other countries that are proving to be epic failures. We MUST make a change from within so that we can see that change without.

Open your eyes, start seeing the forest for the trees. There is an old proverb that says “It take a village to raise a child.” Well we say “It takes a nation to raise the future.” What kind of future will you leave for future generations of Belizeans?

  • One that is a district of Guatemala?


  • One that is ruled by Tyrannical Dictators?

The ball is in your court people, you have the choice on how to play.

Giovanni Brackett, President, COLA

“This is a movement and if out of this movement are born leaders who will ru for office, then praise god. It’s simple.”

“No compensation to Guatemalan subverters and families. The Family of Francisco Quim deserves our empathy, but no sane Belizean can forget that while we can and should be empathetic to their plight, they must never mistake that for weakness.”

“But let it be known to any government of the day or future, that Belizeans will stand up, and we will not bend. We will not compromise to Guatemala. We will let everyone know that this is our Nation. If Belize is yours, let me hear it. This is our country, and any foreign minister that is not going to negotiate with strength, and any foreign minister that will not adhere to the Belizean demands, has to be removed, and be removed forthwith. Or you can get the understanding that we will take it to Belmopan.”

Micah Goodin, Founding Member of Nation Builders

“Give me your ears, or deliver to me, my death, as I welcome to you, the second Belizean revolution, being led by the Belize Coalition for Justice.”

“Young people for too long have been seen as a barbaric, immature and problematic being. No longer will that be tolerated. We will stand with whoever stands with us. And those who fail to stand up, they will feel the power we are armed with. The revolution will sit on your doorsteps; it will invite itself into your homes; it will watch over you while you sleep. For too long you have been sleeping. Wake up before your sleep turns into a coma. Belize is in dire need of a second revolution and those that are not ready or willing to fight will be trampled. And I make no apologies; they will be trampled.”

“The revolution will sit on your doorsteps. It will invite itself into your homes. It will watch over you while you sleep. For too long, we’ve been sleeping. Wake up before your sleep turns into a coma. Belize is in dire need of a second revolution.”

Patrick Menzies, President, Belize Can

“A government whose character is dust-marked by every act which may define tyranny and ineptitude is unfit to continue its rule over our free people. We have full power to recall, remove and punish any and all despots.”

“The Belize Coalition for Justice, Guardians of the Constitution and Advocates for Justice, is now on the scene. We, the members of the Belize Coalition of Justice representing over thirty organizations and local leaders, have come together for the betterment of our nation and our people. We hold the preamble of the Belize Constitution—A through F—as the core purpose and basis for our alliance and hereby vow to be Guardians of the Constitution and Advocates for Justice. The executive branch, at the behest of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, has again succumbed to the whims of the only hostile nation against us; our neighbor Guatemala, by agreeing to paying reparations in the form of a grant to the family of an intruder, who illegal entered our nation to participate in illegal activities and hence threatened our border patrol personnel; thereby making a mockery of our sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Nancy Marin

“From a weak legal system to extremely corrupt negligent political leaders, to crime, injustice, poverty, total unequal opportunities for our people where only the elite have been benefitting. Our leaders have elevated themselves so high above our people that the view at the bottom has become foggy. They can no longer see the suffering of our people. A revolution is needed. Whether you want to free your country from another country or you want to overthrow an oppressive government or maybe we simply want to change wrongs that are contributing to the suffering and oppression of our people. Every fight is the same. A revolution, a good fight, does not need to bring violence.”

Paco Smith

“The OAS is saying, ‘You know what, boss? Take this thing to the ICJ, and let them decide.’ Excuse my language, but what the hell for, right? I am not giving up what I already have in order to appease Guatemala or the Secretary General Insulza. This is ridiculous.”

“You’ll notice that I’m wearing a pin here—very simple, very straight forward—just produced and you will see a lot more of them flooding the entire nation very soon. It simply says ICJ; with that signal through it. no ICJ—bottom-line—that’s what we are saying. I would like to close by simply saying that those of you who don’t know, we have a facebook group. It is appropriately named, Belize Sovereign and Free; No ICJ. I encourage every one of you, if you have a facebook account to join the group.”

You can us at BELIZE, SOVEREIGN AND FREE – NO ICJ! and at Belize Coalition for Justice

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