Ministry Of Health's New Rides


Wed, January 18, 2012

The ministry of health this morning displayed six new vehicles that they have acquired either through purchasing, grant funds or program spending.

The display was held at the Belmopan hospital and CEO in the ministry of Health Peter Allen explained how each was acquired and will be used:

Dr. Peter Allen – CEO, Ministry of Health

“The Ministry has been concerned that we need to maintain our fleet of vehicles, especially for emergency services and then for outreach. And it is difficult for our Regional Management Teams to maintain vehicles with all the work that they do. So, 3 ambulances are being purchased by the Ministry for a little less than quarter of a million dollars. One of the ambulances will be going down south for the Southern Regional Health Management Team, and one to will stationed at Ladyville, where we know that the residents of Ladyville have been asking for time for a replacement for their old ambulance. The two new Toyota Hilux vehicles will be going to the southern region in response to growing concerns about malnutrition and under nutrition in the south especially, but in other areas of the country, the NHI Policy Committee has adjusted the package of services offered to include special nutrition and outreach services. These two vehicles are dedicated to that function, to support nutrition programs in the South. And, the SUV, a donation from UNICEF, is specifically to support maternal and child healthcare services again in the south. As you may know, Belize is the only country in the region to have succeeded with the 0 maternal deaths. That’s really something all of our staff can be proud off, and of course, this outreach vehicle will help to support that program.
Finally, the two other vehicles are donated through grant funds from the successful Round 9 proposal to the global fund to support activities related to HIV, AIDS, Malaria, and TB. The two vehicles right now will be used to support a survey that our National Aids Program is conducting as we speak, and then thereafter, one will be based in the central region, in Belize City, and one will be based in the Southern Region, Stann Creek District.”

Some of the vehicles are already in service – others will go into service immediately…


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