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This week has been a really exciting one in Belize. A few months ago we got the Briceno leaked tape on PUP corruption and such that was super hot and everyone was sharing it like it was free candy at a festival for children. Anywho, this week we got a leaked recording of UDP Minister Melvin Hulse throwing out some serious allegations against his party and the PM of Belize who has taken offense to the allegations and threatened anyone that helped stain his name; this after his entire gang of misfits used allegations from the Briceno tape in the House of Representatives as if it was fact.

I guess some people should pay attention to the old proverbs … "If you live in a glass house don't throw stones." or "Do unto others as you'd like done to you." or as we say in Belize… "If yuh ciant tek lik no play ruff."

SO here is Melvin’s response to the aftermath of his doing:

“For somebody of PM’s caliber, yes, I complained but Dean has always known that, but without reservation, it’s not something I would have ever said on any rostrum, or TV or channel, I was only complaining.  I was complaining, they were complaining and they taped me. So, let me address that first part; (1) without any reservation or hesitation, I’m made to understand it mentioned Mahmud; man, look I hope that this doesn’t cause him and his family any flipping thing and I apologize because it was never meant to hurt anybody and definitely, I will apologize to Dean. Hopefully, one day we’ll find out who took a private conversation and tried to hurt the man and put a bad spin on this man’s reputation. I have worked with Dean from 1988; I have never not support him, nor the party or the UDP Government. Yes, it looks bad right now and yes, they are attacking me and  I am the one that ran off about it but this is not going to hurt Dean Barrow because nobody can question; nobody has developed this country more than him.  So I don’t know why they are creating this problem. I can imagine they air something like this about the man’s character or integrity, you can imagine how his family feels. Without question, I apologize to him and with the same token I can’t just leave the PM by himself. I am a family member of the UDP; have been for a lifetime now and so this in turn makes the party look bad because they aired some horrible things I said about the Party Leader. Now, we go from Prime Minister to Part Leader and there is only a degree of apologies and regret because me, I have never made the UDP party look bad and I would never. The UDP is the UDP.  I can say, sitting here, that is who developed and without any reservation from since the UDP started to win in 1984; every development that has come about in Stann Creek West and you know, that is my home, has been under UDP and I’m sorry if Stann Creek West people got caught up in it because they end up now where you hear the Standard Bearer having attacked the leader and making the party look bad but Stann Creek West are solid people; they know I am a workaholic they know that I run off. So, I apologize if they end up being in a limbo or end up feeling like that I really feel bad about that.”

Let’s take a look at what he’s saying….

"it’s not something I would have ever said on any rostrum, or TV or channel"

This goes to show you how much power the leader of a party has in Belize and how much loyalty is, to the point that they would put Party before Belizeans no matter what. They protect each other all the way and they don’t speak out for fear of what the leader of the party will do to them.

I was only complaining.
If you are to the point that you knew about corruption and criminal behavior in the system, you should not be complaining in private but doing so on a national level to let people know and let the law deal with it. But then again, the PM controls the power and even the law answers to him so…

it was never meant to hurt anybody and definitely, I will apologize to Dean.
The moment you said what you said, you knew what you were doing would be hurting the people you were talking about. And why are you only apologizing to Dean? What about the other people you talked about?

So I don’t know why they are creating this problem.
Umm.. You Mr Hulse was the one that spoke and you are the one who created this problem. Stop trying to pass the blame and get others involved in your doings, the only person Dean should be going after is you for your doings not the media or the citizens reporting and sharing your words.

Here is the video so you know what the fuss is all bout and decide for yourselves:

Here is the press release made by the PM, Dean Barrow:

PRESS RELEASE – Statement by Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister and UDP Party Leader

Belmopan. June 22, 2015. I am extremely disappointed to learn of a recording in which Melvin Hulse, the United Democratic Party candidate for Stann Creek West, engaged in the spreading of what is a very serious piece of falsehood, a very serious lie that grossly libels me.

What is worse, he – from what has been reported to me – appeared not just to have been propagating the libel, but embracing and endorsing it. He will have to explain this to the public, the Party and his constituents, and he will have to apologize to me. He will also have to suffer the consequences, both political and legal, for his actions.

I also want to make clear that no one should feel free to repeat Hulse’s libel just because it originated with a UDP candidate. Some have already done so, as I understand, and they too will have to face the legal consequences. I will do all that is necessary to guard the good reputation that I have gathered over the long years I have been in politics and public life.


And here comes the pain:

The People’s United Party has re-iterated its call for the repeal of the PetroCaribe Loans Act. The PUP says the Melvin Hulse recording confirms what the Party has known for the past seven months; that the PetroCaribe funds were used to trigger resignations by members of the House of Representatives leading to bi-elections. It says the UDP Government has been grossly abusing both the PetroCaribe money and the Finance and Audit Reform Act to perpetuate itself in power. And while the PUP says the Hulse recording gives credence to their belief that the PetroCaribe funds helped to trigger the bi-elections.

Former Area Representative for Cayo North, Joseph Mahmud issued the following statement:

I wish to make it clear that the allegations made by Mr. Melvin Hulse against me on the recording is totally false and baseless. I, Joseph Mahmud entered politics with dignity and exited with dignity and I expect him to publicly retract the defamation against me.

Another name called in the recording was former minister under the PUP, Ainslie Leslie. For his part Leslie says the aspersions made by Hulse is a total lie and fabrication. Hulse’s comments libeled him and endangered his livelihood and puts his family at risk. Leslie says the matter is now in the hands of his attorney.

Yesterday in his interview with Love News, Hulse admitted that he had no proof of the allegations he made while the PM in his Press Release stated that Melvin has not only been propagating the libel, but embracing and endorsing it.

For reference and to be fair, here is the Leaked Briceno tape

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