Linux Build for children at BCVI

We got hold of some laptops and will be putting them in the hands of some children at the BCVI in Belize. They come ready with Vinux a flavor of Ubuntu Linux for Visually Impaired users, we are doing this in an effort to bring the children up to speed with new technologies and to put the school in an OpenSource base where costs are reduced as far as licensing goes and getting hardware in the hands of the children.  Learn more about BCVI here.

From the Vinux Site:

What is Vinux?

Vinux is a Ubuntu derived distribution optimised for the needs of blind and partially sighted users. By default Vinux provides two screen-readers, Braille display support and a friendly community. When you boot the live Vinux image, you will be greeted by the Orca screen reader enabling you to navigate the graphical Gnome desktop using keyboard commands. Finally, Brltty provides Grade 1 and 2 Braille output via Orca.

Going forward, the techs at BCVI will be able to clone one of the machines and make a few adjustments on the new hardware and get it up and running with a standardized build in no time at no extra cost, other than the hardware of course. We will be working on an actual build that can be setup as an ISO to share if others would like to use. We would also like to extend an invitation to Techies in Belize and elsewhere that would like to lend their time to expand the build to drop us a line and discuss how we can work on making this project a better one. Together we can make a difference.

You can check out a video of the OS booting up in the FiWeBelize community on Google+ here, or on our Facebook page here.

Our inspiration? The kids that will be using these computers and Rowan, a kid with a huge heart that has been doing great things for his fellow BCVIans like climbing Victoria Peak, walking across Belize and diving the Blue hole.


The author of our Guidance Counseling series made a great point about bringing the children into the 21st Century in Belize in the articles you can read here; and creating world marketable citizens and this is one small step toward that goal. This is only one of many things we are doing to get to that goal, keep following us for more as we get to the milestones.

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