Letter to Minister of Tourism

We received this in an email and wanted to share it with you.

Dear Laura,

The FCCA Platinum Conference is soon to be opened.

We are in a uniquely bad position as native Belizeans in this sector of the tourism industry, as there is NO ONE with Platinum Standing, except for the BTB.

We consider ourselves as tax payers to be partially responsible for BTB’s ability to be a platinum member of FCCA.

Thus, we ask the BTB if it would be possible for the organization to request from the FCCA for a seat or seats as NON PARTICIPATING OBSERVERS at the conference. It appears there IS precedent for that at Platinum FCCA conferences in the past. Moreover, it would be a blackeye on the face of Belize if the only representation of a tour operation is an foreign operator.

As it is, only the foreign your operator CHUKKA COVE/CHUKKA CARIBBEAN will be attending beside yourselves, and this put Belizean operators in a very weak position to keep abreast of an industry created by native Belizean Operators.

We believe that this is not a difficult request and can only bring positive vibrations into the industry.

We bear in mind the sad and continuing national dilemma of official non-recognition of genuine bona-fide Belizean organizations in every aspect of our lives in out native land, and official disregard for the simplest requests of such organizations, a malady that must be wiped out in our jewel, once political will is correct.

We await an answer.

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