Kolbe Officer abuse coverup

Two prison guards have been terminated from Kolbe Institute, a prison centre in Belize because they tried to help a female co-worker after she experienced a sexual advancement and possible harassment by a superior. The female officer was approached by Kolbe’s Head of Security during an employee event  in a public bathroom on Sunday.

The female co-worker immediately fought off the advances and left the bathroom, she then proceeded to inform fellow guards at the event. Two (Gaspar Camara and Mr. Camara’s supervisor, Filipe Gongora) of which advised her to report the incident to her superiors and to the police which she did.

When both Camara and Gongora  reported to work on Monday, their personal cell phones were confiscated and searched by prison management. On Camara’s phone was a text message timed approximately 45 minutes prior to his shift start time, encouraging the his co-worker to pursue charges of her superior. Camara also noted that Kolbe also illegally taps employees phones. Both personal phones remain confiscated.

The female guard has been sent home for one week apparently without pay, while the Head of Security is on a one month rehab leave with full pay. On Tuesday both Camara and Gongora were terminated from their jobs with no pay or severance for “being Anti kolbe”. So what? People can’t protect themselves and seek legal council not can fellow employees advise one another on what to do when issues arise? What is this Kolbe Institute, a private Dictatorship?

FiWeBelize calls on the law to do it’s job and do a full investigation into this matter. Kolbe is NOT above the law and needs to be help responsible for their actions to the full extent of the law if they are guilty of these crimes against their employees.

Here is a quote made by Gaspar Camara which I received via Facebook:

“as far as i know he was sent to 30 days at A.R.C, the prison rehab center, imagine, and for taking a stand to that two of us got fired … me and Felipe Gongora”.

So to recap: The Head of Security of Kolbe Institute makes sexual advances to a female employee at a company event. Two fellow co-workers advise her to report the incident and follow through with it. The victim is sent home with no pay, both co-workers are fired with no-pay or severance because they are “Anti Kolbe” for doing the right thing and the perp is at the Prison Rehab Center with full pay for a month.

Can you tell me what’s wrong with this picture?

Please share this story with as many people as you can so we can get more eyes and voices to demand action.

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