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On the one-year anniversary of her daughter’s mysterious disappearance, a Mother’s grief knows no bounds. 16 year old High School student, Kadisha Saragoza went missing on January 20th, last year, and tonight, her mother Andrea Saragoza told Seven News her daughter’s whereabouts remain a mystery. The mother of ten says the year has taken its toll on her family’s fragile nerves, and their hope for Kadisha’s safe return has been shaken. Miss Saragoza says Kadisha was last seen with her boyfriend the night she went missing, now all she and the teenager’s nine siblings would like is some closure.

Andrea Saragoza, Mother of Kadisha Saragoza
“Up to this day I haven’t heard anything and I really want a closure to it. It’s been a year and I am appealing to the public please help me; if anyone knows anything out there, please contact the family at 660-2675, and Kadisha if you are listening to me, if you are alive, please contact me. Baby, we miss you and we always love you.”

“Everyday nobody knows what I am going through.”

Jim McFadzean
“Have you attempted to contact the police, this one year anniversary if there have been any developments in the investigation into your daughter’s disappearance?”

Andrea Saragoza, Mother of Kadisha Saragoza
“No sir.”

Jim McFadean
“Have you lost faith in their investigation?”

Andrea Saragoza
“Yes, because they are not helping me, so I don’t what to do; I don’t know where to turn, and everyday there is pain in my heart. It hurts, and it affects my heart every day because I have trouble with my heart right now.”

“I don’t know what to do; I will be going through counseling next week, because it really is affecting me and my children in school. “

“The same old stories some people say that she is alive and some people say that she is dead. I don’t know what to do, what to say, what to think. Sometimes I don’t know what to believe. I don’t know.”

“In my heart I want to believe that she is alive but why she doesn’t contact anyone, I don’t know. And if anyone knows anything out there, please contact someone in the family of her whereabouts. This is really hurting so much, and only I feel the pain that I am going through.”


Kadisha was a second form student at Maude Williams High School. Once again, if anyone has information on the whereabouts of Kadisha Saragoza, you are asked to contact the nearest Police station, the family at telephone number: 660-2675 or contact the hotline at 0-800-922-TIPS..


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