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2 thoughts on “Is Student being Punished for Outspokenness?

  • Cayo Buay

    Knowing how the Government works in Belize, I woulds say YES! he is being punished. It is said and written that Belize is a Democracy but by practice we see that it is anything BUT a Democracy.

    Today, it seems it is more of a Dictatorship ran by a tyrannical Regime. Look at what happened to ex-minister Marcel Cardona when he spoke up against the UDP in favor of the people that voted for him to represent them.

    And we are just now getting started on the journey there.

  • Paco Smith

    Based on the manner in which things are “done” in Belize, it is not too far fetched to believe that he is being punished. If this is not the case (which I strongly doubt) and the explanation offered is accurate, it is then a glaring testimony to the lax and dare I say seemingly unprofessional manner in which the scholarship is being administered.

    How in the world can those who are administering the scholarship, fail to inform him that the funds were exhausted? We have to do better than this…on a variety of levels.

    This system and those who both facilitate and perpetuate its prevailing standard of pettiness and mediocrity are to blame. Belize and its youth who are trying to improve themselves, deserve better. Do you think the government’s payments to purported gang members might have been administered more effectively? On second thought, don’t even contemplate answering that, because its a damn shame that those who we have elected to govern our affairs, deemed it fit to even go that route.

    In sum, once your intentions and aspirations are genuine, they can’t hold you down. Continue to speak the truth and do not allow yourself to be compromised. Stay strong, endure and succeed.