Is Belize ready for a new Political System? 2

For all of it’s history Belize has known either Monarchy rule or a two party system. Decades have passed and just like fishes start to stink and contaminate the place up once it starts to rot, so too has the current political landscape been wreaking. How do we get rid of it? Get rid of the problem and disinfect the area, similar to how you would get rid of the rotting fish.

The capital has been desecrated with ineptitude from our past and present politicians from both major political parties as a result of there complete and utter ineptitude and lack of putting their differences aside to work together for the common good of the nation and it’s people. The problems we face today are a direct result of the cause and effects of both parties.

The question then is, what next? Are we ready for new leadership are we ready to take the next step? Who will take charge in bringing us into the new era? Who will put the people first?

Share your thoughts and ideas on this issue. Let the politicians hear your voice.

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2 thoughts on “Is Belize ready for a new Political System?

  • Luis Blas Mendez

    The Enrooted Belizean Emancipation Thinking Update…

    Yes we can say there was a Belizean Social Movement in the 1950’s with the People’s Committee that wanted an Independent Belize and later split into a political Movement that created its nemesis in its own emancipation elements. One wanted Independence ala George Price and the other wanted to stay with the English rule as Afro-Saxons. Both sectors made all sorts of behind the scenes deal to get its way. They all label each other to show the position they had. Mr. Price considered UBAD and PAC to be “nuisances” and “distractions” more because this group was being used by the British to fight against the nationalist, anti-colonial movement conducted by him. The opposition parties that were identified with the red color were for George Price ‘mal contents’. We got bilateral-Independence on those bases and with those stigmas. The following year United Kingdom war Argentina due to Falklands.

    At that time of UK-Argentina war for that Island, I was in Guatemala studying and interrelating with the Conservative elite of Guatemalan sector. They said that the Guatemalan Dictator General Lucas Garcia militarily had contacted Argentine Dictator General Galtiere and an accord was to be sign that Argentina would cooperate with Guatemala to invade Belize as they invaded Falklands. At that time I was working ad-honorem for Belize Nationalist Intelligentsia spared by George C. Price himself where I brief him on holidays… He asked me personally to do so.

    I’ve read recently that an Afro-Saxon newspaper is siding with Argentina and is criticizing UK maneuvering at Falkland down on South America. While its position sounds Independent its empowering the enemies against Belize Territorial Integrity. Belizeans should start behaving more intellectuals than plain rebels who venture exposing their harshness to the British by simply opposing to something that can harm Belize at the end.

    There are some informants of Guatemala Intelligence that are trustworthy but they don’t understand the enemy’s conspiracy theory. I understand it and nearly got killed. I even ask George C. Price to denounce my assassination at the United Nations and die as a martyr. He agreed and asked me to deliver to the death squad military a message as requirement to do so. I followed his petition.

    Focusing in today’s Guatemalans Foreign Policy it seems that the ‘Chapines’ has allied themselves with Spain to inbox Belize at its skirts and the Government of Belize does nothing. A clear example of this new foreign Policy is that Spain (Guatemala’s mother) is not making honor to Belize Nationality, Sovereignty and non alignment, with the appointment of the New Ambassador for Spain which represents Spain in Belize and Guatemala. PM Dean Barrow nationalizations brought some sort of dignity and I united myself with him in the amendment 9. He should continue that trend on Nationalism, since he started that trend. If not then its true what he said that he didn’t do it as a ‘cowboy move’ with joy but only to place his family and friends at BTL. I sense my position is very reasonable in unity with nationalism. He is failing our emancipation stand miserably.

    The problem is that many Belizean think as blue or red and that is not Belizeanism anymore. Both don’t fight for Belize to be Independent, free and sovereign but to sabotage our national treasure to enrich them-selves. If some feel that that solution is good it’s because they have lost thier emancipation attributes. Matters be is that Belize needs Nationalism across the board in all aspects not to only to embitter the Musa, Fonseca, Ashcroft, Bricenio, etc. Or when the Royal opposition is red they are mock on their history and expose them of their one time unnationalistically satnd in order to enhance an ol blue Nationalism that no longer exist in that party.

    The blue and red are delaying our emancipation as a nation and its maneuvering at present is clearly showing that inclusion in both parties to do so is null and void.

    In steaming up party engines there are reasons to believe that a back-way emancipation is expected by the bipartisanship system. PUP has moved out its turbo apparatus device with Cordel and Mark demotion. It has decided to run its gasoline engine with no fuel injector since the UDP diesel machinery vehicle run slowly its heavy duty train. That is the perception. The problem in the blue is that it has its neo-liberal carburetor out of Social focus, which is the same as the reds old time brand of tricks in nationalizations that don’t emancipate in its social agenda.

    This convulsion in the blue-red system has not shaken the Independent voice to yield in convoking the political arena in their favor but rather has created political skepticism. VIP and PNP and the solo Independent candidates are still enhancing their getting together without focusing the direction towards the way ahead for Belizeans to embraced them. Their so called third stand to upgrade the system in its defects so that it may function better is not giving them the edge to phoenix the system for a new flight towards emancipation. They haven’t elaborate no such enhancement to our national stand. They have always urge for a betterment for something that has been ill-conceived since day one by the intellectual authors of the constitution when signing the shameful bilateral Independence in the 21st September 1981. That, at the end, was used to create a 5% of the population to control 80% of the National economy according to Dr Gayle report. It’s an open rally with no clear leadership to defeat the bipartisan system that challenges to stay put and predominate in the electoral polls in the town councils elections coming up on March 2011.

    Meanwhile this local elections are awaited which could be the general election first to be called, the political gearing is constant. But none refers on how to increase the sharing of the nation’s wealth; none focus in eliminating poverty with social programs. At the RED GOB, the old RED guard wants Santi Castillo as its resurrection icon to defy PM Barrow. The old red guard that disrespects its Leader and want to take back that PARTY tru Santino is alive and kicking. Both parties have not shown gradual political reforms which are needed to create an environment conducive to creative thought. At the contrary, the default G-7 who had an idea in the critique of the system but no social agenda has been abolished and its mastermind architects have been brought down and are outsiders. Even if their exile is rightful, a participation in the leadership should have been a group compromise. Not even in their erratic dull arrogances they are civilize in togetherness. Ironically the guillotine winning sector in the blue made a vile, shameful and unpatriotic compromise with Guatemala (Red GOB sign it as compromis to ICJ referendum) and can’t do it with its own Belizean.?

    The bipartisanship long history of retrograde dual Clans that are alternating power within themselves, along with its corrupt political system, should be to blame for our Belizean insipid scientific progress and disgraceful cash-dispirited political culture. Belizeans are often more than intelligent, as evidenced by their well accepted hand-out roguery, their nationalistic indifference and in their pacifist ala George Price attitudes, which often borders on cowardice.

    All ill-conceived constitutional amendments done by the bipartisanship are done similarly to their benefit, however unreasonable or unjustifiable the leader’s idea is. These ridiculous policies always will have no difficulty in getting unceremoniously adopted as long as the leader uses his authority or power to push it in our pseudo-dictatorship system.

    Our thinking is a little bit more pluralistic and pragmatic as when compared to what it was three decades ago, when our bilateral Independence was achieved. Yet the delicious space for creative and independent thinking is always squeezed out by the red/blue party, to make room for the will of power of greed and cash. Yet not, to further en-root our emancipation process.