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  • Paco Smith.

    This article provides an historical perspective on this all-important issue.

    Now that Guatemala has reneged on its commitment to holding simultaneous referendums on 6th October 2013, with the apparent consent of the OAS, I believe the GOB should embark on an intense internationalisation campaign.

    Instead, based on the PM’s most recent press conference, they continue to hinge their hopes on the bankrupt, ill-conceived and zero-sum (for some of us) notion that going to the ICJ, is a viable option. In essence, it appears as though the government’s “Plan B” is to resort back to “Plan A”, despite the fact that the Guatemalan Government is in breach of the not-so-Special Agreement.

    Belizeans and true friends of Belize, what more proof is needed to discern that we are being governed by those who have no vision and seemingly, very little semblance of reality?

    The oligarchy in Guatemala have no credibility, based on their history of violence and aggression against their indigenous population, yet “the powers that be” on this side of the BORDER seem to believe that, even despite Guatemala’s numerous “bad faith” moves, our best bet is to continue to appease the aggressor. Again, I remind you that someone once defined insanity as, “…continuing to do the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome.” Does that seem applicable in this case?

    It is time to be proactive by: (1) ensuring the OAS does its job and not allow them to make Guatemala have their way by re-scheduling the date of the referendum, (2) put pressure on our “so-called leaders”, so that they acknowledge their failed policy or lack-thereof involving the issue of Guatemala and demonstrate to them, a more viable and beneficial course of actions and (3) not allow the reality of Guatemala’s continued intransigence to be swept under the rug.

    My people, now is the time to demand that a cogent and meaningful approach be undertaken in dealing with our neighbour to the West. In other words, let us put an end to the listless, lethargic and pathetic approach that has thus far been the apparent modus operandi of our foreign affairs effort. Believe me, this issue is not dead, it is simply in a state of stasis and shall be resurrected when “the powers-that-be” believe we have lost sight of it.

    Don’t fall asleep at the wheel. Ensure that those in: Belmopan, Washington, D.C. and Guatemala City know that we are keeping a watchful eye on matters and shall not allow this to go “like butta gainst the sun”.

    Belize, Sovereign and Free – NO ICJ!