Integrating the Caribbean and Central America

About CayoBuay

I was born in Belize City, Belize on Sept. 01, 1975 and raised in the beautiful town of San Ignacio, Cayo; both places in the Central American Country of Belize. Hence the name Cayo Buay, it is Kriol for Boy from Cayo. Raised by a single mother home with 8 children, I learnt from a tender age that you can't always have what you want and you always have to work hard for what you get. As a young lad I remember going to my Granddad's farm to help as we could. CB has been working since Std 6 (8th Grade). I worked in the Architecture and Construction field while I lived in Belize and worked on many projects ranging from residential to Commercial with the most notable being the extension to the PGIA. I know about hard life and how to make a lot out of a little. But that was then, today I am a happily married man and father of a wonderful son who I am doing my utmost best to raise the right way. I've worked in Architecture and Construction, owned my own company, did some remodeling and some call center work both as a rep and as a manager, worked as a Helpdesk Admin, System Administrator and now an ESM (Enterprise System Monitor) Engineer.

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