Inquiring minds want to know…

I know I speak for all Belizeans when I convey the following post. These are only some of the questions and comments that the people need answers to but are either afraid to ask or have just given up on. Well, we aspire to be the voice of the people and allow them a space where they can speak their minds freely and away from the ravaging hands of the Government and their tactics. Belizeans, make your voices heard; do not be afraid to use the power that is rightfully yours and the anonymity we provide so you can do so.

To start with here are a few items:

  1. What kind of deal and $$ was offered to the Government and the people that are all hyped up for this oil deal to go through?
  2. Now that we know that amendments have been made to the laws and constitution to allow for individuals to be appointed Ministers of Government by the PM as he sees fit no matter if they were voted for or not, or if they were even in the race for elections; we wonder what other changes have been made to our laws and Constitution in the secrecy of those legal quarters?
  3. What is the Government thinking of doing next, spying on us like big brother up north is doing? Restricting us to only being able to do what they tell us we can and cannot do?
  4. Are there plans for a hostile regime takeover of Belize like mad in the head leaders around the world have done in the past?
  5. Are we being sold out to the highest bidder? Will Belize soon be the next Puerto Rico, sold to the US or some other high bidding country?

I would suggest that an outside group (which I will call “The Monitor”) of Attorneys, Accountants and Investigators be formed to pull all documents and processes that have been implemented, are currently in the process of being implemented and will be implemented in the future and make them the overseers of the Governing bodies of Belize. There needs to be a third eye in that arena and this goes for whatever party is in power. Of course this party cannot be setup allowing the Government to put who they want in those seats or have anything to do with the governing rules and regulation, that must come only from the Governor General. If you read my post on my website on interesting laws of Belize you will see that we have a law for such a body.

This brings me to my next point…

We need to ensure that no Government official or party can say who will be appointed House Speaker or Governor General. We need to enforce that only the Queen can appoint a Governor General and only the G.G. can appoint the speaker of the house and the members of “The Monitor” and that the members of the house should be elected by the people and not the politicians so that they can have their way.

I wonder what the views and stance is of the opposing politicians whatever party they belong to? We need strong, honest people to represent us. One’s that are not afraid to stand in the spotlights of public scrutiny and do what they need to do to ensure that our country is being taken down the road to the future we were destined to be not the one we are headed for.

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