In care of our Natural Habitat and those that share it with us. 1

Nearly impossible to clean up.

That’s what the Coast Guard says about an oil spill in the Arctic. But Exxon just struck a deal to drill in Russian Arctic waters and our government is granting Arctic drilling leases and permits to Shell and other oil companies – which means deadly danger for seals.

When inhaled, oil can cause serious breathing problems. On a seal’s fur, it destroys insulation, leaving the seal to freeze to death. And spills and accidents are inevitable – a Shell platform in the North Sea just had a major line burst, creating an oil slick 20 miles long.

There’s still time to prevent a spill like this in the Arctic, but it means we have to fight back hard – and quickly.

We need donors like you to help us raise $40,000 in the next two weeks. Francisco, can we count on you to be one of them? Please donate today to save Arctic seals from unnecessary deaths and protect our oceans »

Drilling in the Arctic is reckless and dangerous.  The Arctic Ocean is home to vibrant coastal communities and incredible wildlife, but it is also remote, more than a thousand miles away from Coast Guard response centers. It is icy and cold, making it virtually impossible to effectively clean up and contain oil spills

The government is well aware of these issues – scientists have publically stated that we don’t have the facts to make smart decisions. Even the Coast Guard has gone on record to say it doesn’t have the resources to respond to an Arctic oil spill.

But the facts aren’t stopping the government from letting Shell and other oil companies drill. That’s why we need your support to:

  • Fight Arctic Ocean offshore drilling activities in the courts.
  • Reach thousands more activists to put pressure on government regulators to stop Arctic drilling.
  • Demand that our government require tested and proven oil spill response plans and not just take the word of oil companies that they can clean up an Arctic spill.
  • Work with local native communities to document traditional knowledge and combine it with “Western” science to map special areas at risk.

We can’t wait until the drilling starts to worry about how oil spills will affect life in the Arctic – we need to fight for the health and safety of our world’s oceans now. Please make a gift to help us meet our $40,000 goal by October 6 »

Thank you for standing with us in this fight.

Tatiana Marshall For the oceans,
Tatiana Marshall


Save Seals

The US Government has granted approvals for oil companies to start drilling in Arctic waters in just a few months.

Help keep spotted seals and other animals safe from Arctic drilling.

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  • Mary

    Dear Tatiana Marshall,

    If you have not viewed the fim ‘Crude Impact’ yet, I would strongly advise you and others concerned to view this film. I gave the film to G Mike at Positive Vibes to watch and to possibly do something with it. The film is also available via internet at I am hoping you will take the time to pursue the link.