IMPORTANT info for facebook users…

FB Security update for all my visitors…

It seems that recently a lot of weird messages are being sent to people’s friends from random accounts.. This is more than likely the result of an app that you have installed or updated recently.

Whenever you accept an app you are  basically signing your rights and all your information to the creator and you give them rights to full access to your account. By doing that anyone with bad intentions can use your account to send spam, viruses, pharming bugs and whatever else they can devise.

Been receiving messages or posts from your friends asking you what the hell you’re smoking? or Why are you sending out crazy messages?

Well you caught what I call facebook AIDS (FB-AIDS)..

Ok, so you think you got the FB-AIDS, well we can offer some help in the form of 2 simple lines..

1. Ensure that you read the fine prints when using applications, that is where they get you with the little nasty things. Seriously, how many people actually spend that time to read them, the bad guys know this and they use it against you.

2. Change your passwords regularly… I can’t stress this enough, it is very important and we all fail at keeping this a part of our online routine. Please start today… For more info on passwords you can read this page

If you have more tips you want to share, make a note for others to read.

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