Hit Me on the Hips and Children

A new phenomenon called “Hit Me on the Hips” is surfacing more and more in Belize. Last week the National Committee for Families and Children (NCFC) presented the results of a study on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Belize.

Through that report it was realized that phenomena was real and that more people have been affirming its existence.

Because in schools the children can’t leave their phones turned on, they are keeping it the cell phone on vibrate. When their pimp has a job for them, they would call them and the cell phone would vibrate attached to their waistband, or hit them on the hips with the vibration.

The young woman would fake some excuse to leave school and would go out to deal with the customer.

It’s a new phenomenon it seems to be tied in to a certain extent to the tourism industry as well with the cruise passengers. It seems as if though tour operators and taxi drivers might be involved as well from the reports that we are getting.
– Judith Alpuche of the NCFC

Alpuche says that based on the reports they have been getting they have realized that the incidents are more centered in Belize City. Alpuche says more people need to become aware of what is going on and should also become involved in putting a stop to the commercial sexual exploitation of children in Belize.

Thanks to Mary K Cariddi for bringing this issue to light.

This is also listed on the Cruise Bruise site here.

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