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Norman Willacey is the Principal, pastor and school counselor at the Belmopan Baptist High School.

But tonight, he is under a very serious public accusation; the mother of a sixteen year old former student says that Willacey was having a very adult romantic relationship with her teenaged daughter while she was a student to whom he was principal, counselor, and pastor.

And it’s not just an allegation – she has proof: sexually charged Facebook messages exchanged between the principal and her daughter between March and July of this year.

We warn you, the messages are of an adult nature – and the story is certainly not fit for children.

But it is an allegation of urgent public interest: as it alleges that a school authority figure abused his position to seduce and sexually engage one of his own students.

We are not showing the mother’s face to protect the identity of her daughter – and we have also blocked out her daughter’s name on the Facebook script.

Here’s what this outraged mother told the media today:..

Voice of: Victim’s Mother
“I have a child that attends Belmopan Baptist High who just recently graduated. The principal at the school – that I have found out has been having inappropriate behavior with my daughter. I found out that she has been emailing him back and forth and talking to him and that he gives her money at different times. He spends lots of time with her – everybody in the school was aware of that – she is in and out of his office a lot. She was at the computer erasing one of her accounts. When she was closing down the computer, the computer had freeze, so her second account that she thought that she had taken care of did not erase. ”

“I happen to come later on the computer and saw it. In this process I saw the principal of the school name. I said to myself “What is this.” This man is emailing my daughter and she is also responding like they are talking back and forth and they are talking about sexual behavior – very sexual behavior. Things that no man should be talking to a 16 year old child about regardless of what the child’s history is. I said “but what is this,” so I continue to read it and then I had it printed out. ”

“I was very upset about this, but at the moment I did not confront her or him. I decided that I needed to check things a little more, so what I did was I remembered a few months earlier I found a letter in her room that was tore up. I took it and I tape the letter back together. I mention this letter to this principal, about how I had found this in her room and I think she is having sex from what this letter is saying. This principal told me ‘I don’t think she is doing anything like that’ and really I hadn’t found the email yet even when I found this letter while she was still going to school. He is a preacher, he is a principal, he comes to my house, he comes to my house and he does counseling about the bible with my children and my daughter; my boys as well as my daughter. I trusted this man to the tip because I say that he was a preacher. There were signs but I ignored this because I trusted this man with my child okay and she and I was having a lot of difficulties. Different times I was telling this man different things that she was doing and saying and how she was acting out and he was using these same things I come to find out against me with her and turning her more against me.”

“When I would put her on punishment about something he would was telling her how jealous I was of her because she has this fine body and I am an old lady and I don’t. He is telling her things as a counselor, as a man, as a pedophile would know. He is telling her the jealousy is what makes me act out with her, so she is believing these things, she is acting out worse and worse and worse. For 3 years I’ve been having more and more problems with her. Now after I found this email and I started putting two and two together, I am saying, where did she money for texting; she keep having her card and have all this money for texting. I am hearing that she’s having all this one at school that she was spending. His wife called me about the concern of her having this money; American money, I said I didn’t give her any and then it went on further. I still never once considered this man in any kind of way would be messing with my daughter. I trusted him so many times she stayed after school making up grades because she was getting behind with grades. I let him be there with her because I trusted this man.”

“Now, once I found all these different things out and start putting things together and confronted her about it. First she denied it, then I showed her the letter that I have with the writing – then she started telling me what he had been writing her ever since last year. She told me how long he’s been writing her and these foul things that you can’t even imagine he was saying to her and prepositioning her. I’ll say one little something, like putting honey all over you, Figure that one out? What would you do with honey all over you? One thing, this man is a preacher talking like this – foul things come out of his mouth. I have the email where is just emailing her back and forth and fantasizing this and that and saying how he wants more. These things you don’t say to a child. Number one; I would have gone to the police but I found out at 16 you can have sex with anybody you want but you are a child until you are 18. I’m a little confused with that because I thought a sexual act was an adult act. So how can you have sex and yet you are a child and it’s okay. So, I didn’t go to the police, I went to the CEO of child protected services. I went to the board of education; I don’t want to call names because I don’t know how this is going to go. Last week I showed them print out of some stuff, nothing to date had happen. Nothing to date. It looks like as you go to tell ‘okay, we are checking it,’ ‘Oh this is very serious’ and that’s all. This man have been accused once before four years ago and it went to the top of the Christian board, it didn’t go to the school board and it was all squash. Nothing happened behind it.”

We did speak to Norman Willacey by phone today. Initially, he declined comment and told us that he has contacted his attorney who is trying to put the pieces together.

But then, just before newstime – he sent a remarkable text to a colleague in the media saying, quote: “(the young lady) produced a facebook conversation from Easter break when we were messing around.”

It continues, quote:

I deleted my copy and repented and told her to do the same immediately. She didn’t and that is what will be published tonight.” Stunning. It is as clear of an admission as you will get. So we called Willacey and asked if he sent it. He said yes he sent it but it was meant for his attorney, not for the media – so he sent it in error.

But it is a telling error – and one he seemed quite relieve to make. He told us the girl initiated the conversation and he was new to Facebook. So when he deleted the conversation at this end – he thought it would also delete hers.

With remarkable candor, he told us he is quote, “really, really sorry about that whole thing.” He added that he would like to talk to the aggrieved party about it.

A very remarkable admission – that he was messing around with a student. The Ministry of Education today confirmed that its investigation is also ongoing but there is no timeline for completion. Under the education rules, the maximum penalty for such an infraction is dismissal.

However that is as far as it could go because – at 16, a minor can consent to sex – so it is not a criminal matter.

The Ministry of Education…is greatly disturbed by the recent allegations against and subsequent public statements by the principal of Belmopan Baptist High School regarding his apparent inappropriate relationship with a student under his care.

UWG Urges Action

The United Women’s Group (UWG) of the People’s United Party is appalled by the recent reports of sexual misconduct of adult men with minors, by persons in positions of trust and authority; and in particular by the matter involving the Principal and Pastor of the Belmopan Baptist School and Church who has confessed to being involved in an inappropriate relationship with a teenage female student and church member.

The UWG finds this report against this individual very disturbing. At a time when our young people are faced with lack of opportunities and positive role models, those in positions of authority entrusted as the guardians of the welfare of our children and youth, must not betray this trust for their own selfish gratification.

The UWG condemns in the strongest terms, any exploitation, sexual, physical, emotional or economic of Belizean youth. We deplore any conduct that preys on upon our women, youth and children.

The UWG calls on the Ministry of Education, the Belize Association of High School Principals, the Baptist Association of Belize and the Belize Council of Churches to act swiftly and decisively in dealing with this matter; and to immediately implement appropriate measures to ensure that such actions doo not re-occur within the school and church systems in Belize.

The UWG encourages all Belizeans to continue to advocate in the most vigorous manner for the protection of our children to keep them free from all forms of exploitation and abuse.

Excerpt from the Belize Education Act


43. School authorities shall ensure that pupils are free at school from physical, sexual or other forms of harassment, from intimidation and corporal punishment, and from exposure to drugs, pornography and other forms of morally, mentally or physically harmful activities.



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