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  • R. Hildred

    This article is very very important and should be distributed to every teacher and parent and media person and politician in the country. By the way, I couldn’t get the link to the article mentioned (Aggressive Behavior in Students), can you fix this?
    When I worked in the U.S. at Head Start, a pre-school for inner-city kids, I would get children who never said a word, maybe they sulked a little, or had difficulty concentrating enough to learn their letters. Another child might wordlessly throw a chair across the room, another might squabble with classmates. At Head Start we were told to watch for any and all of these behaviors, and we teachers would make the time to go and visit the home. Invariably we would find a situation, for example, the father (who wasn’t supposed to be there because it would interfere with social assistance payments) had come in the night and had to sneak out again before daylight, the arguing between the parents was enough to distress the children, even without the occasional gunshots in the neighborhood. Children are extremely sensitive, they need calmness and safe routines. Besides this, 20% of any population anywhere is known to be “highly sensitive”, so do the math, it’s not just children who are affected by the violent reports in the media. Stressed parents will take it out on each other and the kids. Personally, I think the media should be educated enough not to sensationalize violence. Eg: Report it in a single column at the back of the paper, under “police news”, not blaring all over the front page. You are dealing with the future of Belize here, not just tomorrow but 20 years from now. EVERYBODY has to take some responsibility, not just find somebody else to blame.
    Please feel free to use my letter, put it in the papers along with your article if you like. Thanks, R. Hildred, Corozal.

    • FiWeBelize

      Thanks for the feedback R. Agreed, this is valuable information that needs to get to schools and families and we are doing our best to get it out to them.

      The link should be fixed now. Please let me know if you have anymore issues.

  • aram

    Because of the rise in violence and crime here in Belize, students are just not academically motivated anymore. Most of them don’t feel secure! Instead of adopting a “zero tolerance” to gangs, the government was helping gang members with $500.00 a week! What did they expect would happen after they stopped giving them money? It’s time for all of society, parents, teachers and communities to say enough is enough!

    • FiWeBelize

      Very well said Aram. We can see clearly now that the Government does not concern itself with the daily safety and betterment of the people so it is up to the people to do it for themselves.

      Today more than ever we as a community need to stand up for one another, remember and practice how it was back in the good old days when each member of the community would ensure that each other member was safe.