Happy September 10th Belize

As we celebrate the annual victory over the Spaniards on this our 10th Day of September, I’d like to remind Belizeans not to forget what the day is really about. Yes we celebrate but it’s not about the drinking and partying. It’s about celebrating the defining point of the Belize we know today, the struggle that our past lived through to survive as a fledgling Nation.

At 1:00 p.m. the afternoon of Sept 10th 1798 , the Spaniards and British lined up off St. George’s Caye. The Spaniards stormed through the channel, and at 1:30 engaged the British in a two-hour fight which ended in defeat for the confused Spaniards. Moss reported no one killed and the side in good spirits. Barrow was dispatched and arrived in time to see the end of the battle and prevent the slave men from boarding the enemy. The Spaniards were in full retreat by 13 September, and Barrow agreed to send vessels to further push the Spaniards back.

Our team was seriously outnumbered but yet we prevailed. Today, let us recall how our unity and willingness to survive brought us out of that battle and unite once more to defeat the battles we face today.

Enjoy your day…

 It was the 10th day of September
 The ninety-eight Anno Domini
 when our forefathers
 Won the glorious battle
 at Old St. Georges Caye
 Hip! Hip! Hurrah!, Hip! Hip! Hurrah!
 Then hail them – cheer them
 Let our grateful loyal hearts not fail them,
 as we march and sing and shout in merry glee
 The battle of St. Georges Caye
 Hip! Hip! Hurrah!, Hip! Hip! Hurrah!

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