Guatemala to Belize – Change your Constitution or… 1

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One thought on “Guatemala to Belize – Change your Constitution or…

  • Paco Smith.

    Guatemala continues to hold true to form.

    This is proof positive as to why Belize should not have even entertained the OAS driven move to consider going to the ICJ.

    Oh yeah, so as to not completely neglect what is most likely a fundamental, motivating factor, let’s not forget that for many within the “inner-circles” of the PUDP who staunchly advocate going to the ICJ, there is that oft overlooked fact that in so doing, funds up to the tune of US$15 million will become available.

    Let’s be real, we’re talking millions of dollars, at the disposal of the PUDP. We need only reflect on our recent political and electoral history to deduce that the two aforementioned elements are a recipe for: mismanagement, secret arrangements, a lack of accountability, the fulfilling of self-interests (above all else) and the list goes on and on.

    Simply put, their track record speaks for itself, when it comes to such matters. Therefore, I pose the question…”What make one think that this will prove any different?” A fundamental rule of thumb…Is it wise to allow the rat to mind the cheese?

    Think about it…

    Belize, Sovereign and Free – NO ICJ!