GreenRoots: The Water Apocalypse 1

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One thought on “GreenRoots: The Water Apocalypse

  • Mary Toy

    Interestingly enough, this has a connection the bid by Norwegian Cruise Lines to establish a “cruise port destination” at Harvest Caye off Placencia Village. Their EIA doesn’t say where their water is coming from – it contradicts itself, one section saying reverse osmosis and one section saying a well and another section saying a line out of Independence. Their EIA also doesn’t say whether they’ll be filling the ships’ reservoirs while they’re here. Also, interestingly, their EIA and their soil borings ignored the issue of where the aquifer from which we get our drinking was from is located in relation to Harvest Caye. BUT, at the public consultation last Wednesday, Hugh Darley, NCL rep, said that they would be tapping into our aquifer under the island. (I have that in a digital recording.) Then he backtracked later in the meeting and said they didn’t know where they would get their water. Now THAT’S a serious issue – that’s our drinking water they’re talking about and it’s going to be get even more precious as water supplies world wide dwindle. The GOB needs to be a LOT more careful with our water supplies.