GMO Products to stay away from 4

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4 thoughts on “GMO Products to stay away from

  • Paco Smith

    This is a rather extensive list of products which contain GMOs. For some, it may very well encompass much of what you consume. Certainly, this is an issue that requires considerable attention. Thanks for sharing this vital information.

  • Funlo

    This is scary. How can you possibly avoid all these bands/food? I’m really confused on what to do. Unless the FDA steps in but they are too greedy to do that right thing

    • FWB Post author

      It’s hard Funlo, a good starting point would be to start reading ingredients. A good rule of thumb that I follow is, if you can’t pronounce it you don’t want to eat it. I spend the extra money to get organic products now.

      My family shops at Trader Joe’s for example and if we eat out we tend to go to places that use food from old school farmers, like Chipotle (they do not use any factory grown meat). And they sell Margaritas too 😉