Endorsement for Ralph Huang for UDP 2

The Following endorsement has been released by Lord Neil B Gibson and Associates.

January 3, 2014
To Whom This May Concern
Re: Mr. Ralph Huang for Stander Bearer Political Endorsement

Our business organizations would honorably like to declare our political and financial support of Mr. Ralph Huang’s candidacy for the position of Stander Bearer in Cayo South Constituency Area representative Slated Convention United Democratic Party in Belize.

In these last five years, our organizations have worked closely with Ralph Huang in business and financial ventures. We have found Ralph to be an extremely strong professional with an extensive range of understanding of Belize, on economic impact values.

Ralph Huang is trustworthy, honest and dedicated in investing precious hours required for this governmental position. Our organizations are confident that Ralph is the only deserving candidate for this office.

Furthermore, our organizations have had ample opportunities in the last 5-years to analyze our future economic benefits and objectives of the various economic executions into the country of Belize. We have found Ralph’s honest insight and practical approach for future country growth, with our country’s desire to invest into Belize.

This distinction sets him apart from the other individual’s that we have dealt with in the past, to ensure our organizations future commitment to execute our organizations’ to invest into the country of Belize. Ralph Huang has shown great concern for the residents of the community and the willingness to listen to people’s problems and challenges which is commendable.

Again, we are writing today to show our allegiance and support of Ralph Huang and his campaign. It will also be an honor to spread the word of Ralph’s candidacy, abilities and competence with other global business networks to support Ralph.

We are confident that Ralph Huang will succeed and bring the Country of Belize the global economic growth the country needs to strive forward.


SFBBL TRUST AG www.sfbblag.com
VISION BANKCARD www.vbci.com
LNBG, LLC (USA) www.lnbgllc.com
CITYWIDE LENDING GROUP www.citywidelgi.com
HULET AND ASSOCIATES scott@hulet.net
FOR EVERY SEASON INSURANCE www.foreveryseason.biz
LORD NEIL B GIBSON www.lordgibson.co.uk

Lord Neil B Gibson and Tammy Gibson with Ralph Huang and Hon. Erwin Contreras in Las Vegas Nevada

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2 thoughts on “Endorsement for Ralph Huang for UDP

  • mic

    rassssssssss more chinese di come in they got more money fi pay their politriks stupidness,and more fools and political cronies di follow.but reall Belizeans are awake thanks to ALLAH. and will not be fooled no more by this vindictive/ARROGANTTTT UDP govt.power to the people.