Elections 2012

Elections are right around the corner, we have gotten our hands on the Manifestos for the PUP party; as soon as we get more we will be posting them up.

PLEASE!  I do not want these posts to be taken negatively. I am only trying to get a better picture of what is being promised in the manifestos and point out issues that I see in them. My goal here is simply to remove confusion or doubt.

As soon as I get the manifestos for other parties they will be getting the same treatment…

And PLEASE, if you are friends with these politicians, please invite them to join our Facebook page so that they have a fair chance at providing feedback. In fact, invite ALL your friends to the session..

Together we can make a difference.

Each page posted on the Wiki will have a series of questions on the Discussion tab that I think needs to be answered. If you have questions to add to the Discussion tab, please post it here or on our Facebook page and hopefully we can get enough of these Politicians to answer them.

See the manifestos on our wiki here

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