El Cayo calls for a shutdown

Residents of San Ignacio and Santa Elena have called for a shutdown of businesses in the Cayo district. Preliminary plans are for the shutdown to start at dawn on Monday. The shutdown is designed to send a message to government that immediate action is needed to curb the growing crime problem in the Cayo district. A meeting will take place on Sunday afternoon to finalize plans for Monday’s total shutdown of the Cayo district.

This comes after the failed police and judicial system allows one more criminal to walk free and their plight for justice and a true working solution to the crime situation in Belize be implemented.

The most recent criminal to go free

Pedro Alberto Ical is the main suspect in the murder case of Suzenne Martinez. Sources indicate that he was linked to Suzenne’s murder by a text from him from the phone sim registered to a murder victim from Belmopan, Stephen Lewis. But Ical is no stranger to the law. He was released on the 27th of September, 2012 from the supreme court on bail. A 20 year old female of Teakettle Village, Cayo District reported that on 11.03.11 at 8:45pm she was walking on the central walkway from the direction of Brodie’s towards Market Square Area in Rotaract Belmopan. When she was reaching the corner of Oriole Street and the Walkway she was approached by a Maya descent male person dressed in a red shirt and a long gray pants who took out a black gun and pointed it at her, saying “This is a robbery, you have any money and phone on you?” She said no and he took away her purse. He then took her into the nearby bushes and he forced her to take off her clothes and he had sexual intercourse with her against her will. The man then took out the money that she had in her purse, a silver ring which had some black stones on top of it and her social security card and told her that “if she reported it to the police he will kill her entire family.” On Thursday the 17/03/11 Police investigations led to the arrest of Alberto Ical, a 29 year old construction worker of Salvapan area Belmopan City, for the crime of Rape and Robbery.

However, sources also indicate that Police investigation has revealed that Ical may not have acted alone. Apparently a van of unknown color was used to transport her body to where it was dumped.



San Ignacio will shut down tomorrow after residents decide to send a message to GOB and Belizeans. After a meeting this afternoon the following was decided:

Letter will be sent to PM accompanied by Mr. Marcel Bedran and Mr. Roches.

  1. Voluntary close down. Find it in your heart to attend the demonstration tomorrow.
  2. Make demands and take them to the Prime Minister.
  3. Registry of sex offenders with a monitoring system.
  4. Enforce the law by bringing back Capital punishment Police and Hang Them.
  5. Replace Director of Public Prosecution.
  6. Full Police Station in Santa Elena.
  7. Erect a Forensic Laboratory.
  8. No bail for sex offenders/criminals.
  9. Properly equip the Police and enforce all laws.
  10. Efficiency of the justice system must be addressed now.
  11. Do a massive demonstration if no results and shut down Thursday.


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