Edmond Castro Swipes Over $30,000 from Belize Airports Authority 1

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One thought on “Edmond Castro Swipes Over $30,000 from Belize Airports Authority

  • pacosmith

    I was going to ask whether the accused knows no bounds, when it comes to allegations of graft, which are attributed to him. Then I realised that he is operating in an enabling environment in which he is seemingly free to engage virtually any manner of “activities” he might deem “appropriate”.

    Of course, any such improprieties by this and any other elected individual must not go unpunished, yet given the piss-poor, hands-off approach taken by the leader of government, I would wager that this, too, will most likely be swept under the rug.

    Belizeans and true friends of Belize, its time to hold those, who have demonstrated themselves as being less than “honourable”, accountable. This must be universal and include those who provide the enabling environment for the colleagues to engage in such dastardly engagements.

    One final word on the matter. If you are waiting for the PM to take up the responsibility, you are fooling yourself. Likewise, anything beyond the token chastisement coming from out of the Opposition camp, is also unlikely because an earnest, substantive attempt to bring those guilty of graft to justice, would ultimately impinge on the future, potential rackets they intend to implement.

    In order for Belize to truly move forward, we must emancipate ourselves from the self-imposed mental slavery of adhering to the PUDP. Look beyond the traditional, stagnant, two-party political paradigm and evoke substantive change by actually thinking and voting, outside the box.