Difficult World

Painful cry of a child who will never be born
The killer is his own mother
God laments because a crime will be committed
They do not have the courage to suffer with their loved one for being old or sick
Will gladly give an end to his unhappy life
While the poor homosexuals look for ways to justify
Their lost sexual identity disorder
Unfaithful husbands and wives dance their mating dance
Enjoying in laughter their own misfortune
Youth boasts of disorderly and rampant sex
People now confuse sex, morbid desires of pleasure with love
Nasty children with absolutely no respect dishonor their parents
Irresponsible children as well as youngsters are not studying
So discarding the foundations of their future
The media, a sea of poison inebriates our citizens
With an infinite number of wrong intentionally and incorrect information
Which end up corrupting our tired gullible and naïve society
Social injustice, corruption, and intolerance
Cover us with its dark black robe
Kidnappers, assassins and criminals are the stars of our theater
Lying has become something sacred
Selfishness, envy and ingratitude violate interpersonal harmony
Drug traffickers are enviable respectable priests
Drug addicts and alcoholics overpopulate our streets and homes
Money is the new god loved, adored by almost everyone
Our spiritual and religious life is now endangered specie
People no longer have objectives, aims and purpose in life
Life seems to have no meaning, hope or direction
Where are our values and our conscience?
They have gone on tour so as not to witness our shame
Indeed we have to live in a difficult world
Copyright © Joaquin Magaña 2008

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