Destination Penitent Sorrow 2

I know some may be wondering why the heading, last elections Belize voted for a party under the banner of change, prosperity, betterment, transparency and much more. The people were lied to, what they got was what I described in my article last year The road we’re on and where it leads. In that article I described a place that we were heading to if nothing was changed, well guess what? Change did not happen and we arrived at our destination.

feeling or expressing sorrow for sin or wrongdoing and disposed to atonement and amendment; repentant; contrite.
– distress caused by loss, affliction, disappointment, etc.; grief, sadness, or regret.

Today, Belize is nothing more than a shadow of what it once was, a place where the people had much liberty, they had food to put on their table, children did not go to school with empty tummies and the poverty level was as low as you could get it in a developing nation. I’ve said this before, Belize is a nation with all the resources to be a major 2nd level player on the world stage, sadly the people that realize the benefits are doing more harm than good and have put personal gain before nation and people, heck even our Government is doing so.

These are just a few of the things that proves that we have arrived and that there are no plans to leave anytime soon:

  • Government has absolute power to do as they please or so it may seem.
  • The PM has basically turned Belize into a private family owned business.
  • Drugs and crime are so rampant it is steadily becoming a way of life.
  • We are becoming so Americanized that our own food is not good enough anymore.
  • A person cannot speak up for their rights without being assaulted and/or arrested
  • The PM has gone mad with power that he sees to control and takeover private companies, even going so far as changing the laws and whatever else is in the way to do so.
  • Instead of solving the crime issues the Government has implements half baked schemes that simply feed more money into their pockets. They have even gone as low as to spread the issue across the nation to fool the people.
  • The system has efficiently and systematically raised a society that does not know their rights, constitution and laws and have all but given up their lives to the Government system.

I know that many Belizeans wish we could go back to the days when crime was almost non existent, when you could sleep with your window open, when you did not have to worry about your kids playing in the streets at night for fear of them either being killed, robbed and/or molested. Back when the community chipped in and ensured it’s members were looked after, the children were kept in line, parents actually had the ability to do their jobs, when school was a safe place and teachers did not molest the students.

Well those times are gone, we need to make our own community safe and prosperous again. How do we do that? First, we ensure that we stop voting for politicians just because. We need to ensure that we are electing people with the ability and mindset to do their job for the nation and the people and put their personal pockets aside.

The current want to be champions in the opposition and the newcomers are all but lost in the mirage of their self loathing. No one really shows any care for the people, they quickly jump on the hot topics of the day and then, just as fast as they showed up they run to their dark corner to hide. We do not need a minute by minute light or a opportunistic champion, we need a fighter that will not release their grip on the dragons neck, one that will take the bull by the horn and will not let go until the bull is flat on it’s back and can no longer hurt the Jewel or any single Jewelizean.

There is one thing that we as a people need to do so that we can break free from this status quo and start to bring ourselves back from the brink of destruction…. Education …. The current system has for decades raised an ignorant and complacent people that have allowed their power and control to be taken away from them. The secret to getting that back is to re-educate ourselves. Do not depend on the system to educate you, it will not; all it gives is a false sense of knowledge.

In these days as we mourn the passing of the Honorable George Price, let us reflect on where we have been, where we are and where we want to go; let us ponder on what he did along with his compatriots in the pre-independence days of our history and think of what we can do to be like them. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What will I do to ensure that my children and their children have an Independent home called Belize?
  • What can I do to ensure that the legacy I help leave behind will be one that future generations of Jewelizeans will be proud of?
  • What can I do to ensure that I am no longer a slave to the system anymore?
  • Am I willing to suffer for a while for things to get better and for the system to change for our benefit not the politician’s benefit?
  • How can I help my fellow countryman and countrywoman uplift themselves and in turn our society?
  • Am I willing to stop and offer a random act of kindness to someone just because?

These are just a few things that each of us can do, you may see something else, please leave a comment with your thought and ideas on how together, we can make the Jewel a better place; not just for us but for future Jewelizeans.

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2 thoughts on “Destination Penitent Sorrow

  • Guidance Counselor

    To have an Education system “that works” in Belize, the policymakers
    (government and church) MUST create, develop, and implement an
    Education system that is
    “student-centered”, not government or church centered! The Belizean
    Education system in place right now is totally NON-STUDENT centered.
    Mirror proof of this is in the recent high amount of low scores in
    proficiency exams (PSE). To have an Education System that works, the
    majority of the population
    must “want it” first, and stop living day-in-day-out in such pathetic
    “learned helplessness”.