Death Threats Made To Min Of Health CEO For Investigation Into Missing Money

Ministry of Health is putting the brakes on an investigation into financial irregularities at the Southern Regional Hospital.

That’s after the CEO in the ministry of health Peter Allen received a death threat at his office today! Allen told us that he got a call this morning from someone identifying himself as “Mike Moss”. He told Allen that he should call a press conference tomorrow to say that all the accounts at Southern Regional have been investigated and are in perfect order. Allen said he couldn’t do that – and the caller told him that he must not want to live and that if he didn’t he would be dead by the end of the week – and that there was a hit out on him. Allen received the call on his cell phone, and the number calling him matched the number of a call made to one of his ministry’s financial officers the week before. In that case, the officer was called by a Mike Williams, who said he was from SIF and wanted to come to her home to do a survey. Another senior finance officer also got a call at the ministry last week.

So, very quickly what was a routine internal investigation has gotten very dangerous for the Ministry of Health – and Allen says that’s enough to make them stop. He says he has called the Financial Secretary to ask him to send in the Accountant General turning it from an internal to an external investigation.

And what is there to investigate? Well rumours says as much as 200 thousand dollars are unaccounted for but Allen says that they have been investigating since July and, quote, “there has been nothing that has jumped out at us.” He said the Financial Officer assigned to the case has noticed some irregularities in discrepancies between the cheque stubs and the bank statements – but, so far, nothing alarming.

But the threats are alarming – and that fact that both Allen and the Financial Officer were contacted on their cell phones has urged them to make a police report – which they were set to do this afternoon. Police will also beef up security around the office since the caller boasted how easily he could enter their office, bypassing the doors with security codes.

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