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I find it funny as hell that he needs the opposition to change the constitution for the Diaspora but does as he pleases with everything else.

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One thought on “Dean on the PSU, Diaspora, Marijuana and other items

  • Paco Smith.

    Great observation, as expressed by the original poster.

    The sooner our people in the diaspora recognise that the current crop of politicians of both the ‘red’ and ‘blue’ ilk have use for them solely as a political football, when it suits their individual party interests, they should embark on more purposeful engagements with political movements beyond the PUDP, who are ready and willing to embrace them with open arms.

    Beyond providing an international venue on which to grandstand, the PUDP inevitably sees Belizeans in the diaspora as a threat to their hegemony. It is for this reason, I trust that the diaspora endeavours to move beyond the traditional political parties and seek synergies with those who have proven their commitment to countering our dysfunctional political system, by ushering in an improved form of governance…one which is both accountable and responsive to the people. Very importantly, this vision acknowledges the significance of diaspora Belizeans and shall not treat born-Belizeans as second class citizens in their country of birth. In a nutshell, that translates to full-electoral rights for Belizeans who have dual nationality.

    Think about it…