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2 thoughts on “CWU does not support the PetroCaribe Loans Bill 2015

  • Paco Smith.

    This is good news, especially after the inexplicable determination by the Unions’ representative in the Senate, to “abstain” from voting on this issue.

    Based on general principle, I believe the vote of any Union representative, who holds dear the fundamentals of good governance practises, should have been not only academic, but fundamentally clear that no such manner of maneuverings by the government shall be countenanced…under any circumstances.

    I have yet to hear the rep’s explanation as to why he chose to abstain, but to honest, based on the fact that he represents the Union’s, I am not certain whether there is a reasonable justification for such a determination. Quite possibly, based on this experience, the Unions may need to conduct an assessment as to whether their current representative shares the same values relating to good governance practises,

    • FWB Post author

      I agree. Being in the Union and a member of the Senate; this person should be in a place where either he/she supports or not; there should be no “I don’t care either way.” especially with an issue of this magnitude of danger behind it. I too am waiting to hear what their motive or reasoning was for abstaining to vote; but based on our political structure in Belize, I am not holding my breath for an explanation.

      Standing by and watching evil run amock makes one equally guilty of the evils done.