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8 thoughts on “Corporal Punishment

  • rod

    yes also blame the prime minister for taking back all the gang members from the usa and all the other criminals from the usa for a few silver dollars he agrees to take back all thses criminals for a few lousy dollars get him out we need someone who can lead blame the us for all thats happening in belize and it will get worse i promise you if hanging is not brought back i say hang them tha bridge foot at noon and make sure you have people the sell panades and garnaches and hops so people can enjoy seeing the action 20yrs in prison for anyone caught with an illigal hand gun and put them back to work on the roads and cleaning up of the city . But this prime minister has his nose so far up Obamas ass he cant see belize going to the dogs get rid of him

  • weatherburn

    This was a ridiculous decision. Now we r just like the US. Wat will become of our children without discipline? We don’t have a fraction of the resources need to pull this off.. US has them n still they have columbines going on.. We are completely screwed. I think this has alot to do with the minstry of education more than the PM. This affects discipline in home n mostly at school. Our schools need many Mr. Clarkes. Have you seen the movie Lean on me with Morgan Freeman?? not the ideal, not the friendliest way but most effective.

  • Rhenae Nunez

    One important issue that we have overlooked in discussing the parallel issues of corporal punishment and crime is that of adopting the standards of other countries.
    Too often are we willing to compromise that which makes us uniquely Belizean to be like other countries. So we throw away corporal punishment and there are no alternatives. Belize is never able to install the necessary services as the great United States and other greater economies have done. We would never need those alternatives if we stuck to what is uniquely Belizeans.
    Coming to a home near you – we are now seeking to make our laws more tolerant of homosexuality because our laws says it is illegal, that makes us backward. Already the preached tolerance for homosexuality has impacted our young population…I shudder at the number of high school age children who are homosexuals…girls who are gay…
    I know that we cannot live in the past but not because all else is doing it means that we must. My simple point.

    • FiWeBelize Post author

      Agreed Rhenae, it’s like how parents used to ask… “So if your friend jump off a bridge you weh jump off too?”

      I simply cannot comprehend why our leaders keep trying to be like everybody else instead of being what we are … Belize.

  • Barbara C. Johnston

    Where has discipline and morale gone from the country of Belize? In an effort to be like other countries THAT ARE MORE ADVANCED our little Belize is compromised in the adoption of morales that are not compatible to our existing laws on the bookes. An effort from those in authority need to be made to ENFOURCE the existing laws. Corporal punishment is NEEDED for more and more the middle aged criminals are enticing and teaching the younger minds to be active in the criminal world. The older criminals are well versed in terrorizing persons in all aspect of their trials for crimes commited… so–o–o-oo there is no one willing to risk their person or life to testify against criminals, even though they are guilty as hell….and most cases are thrown out, and they are set free to continue their criminal works. Then, on the other hand, if any criminal is convicted of murder, either they are given a jail sentence or they appeal, or even set free after human rights step in. But, where is the human rights of the one that was murdered? All these are hanging in the air for WE ARE NOT ENFORCING OUR LAWS ON THE BOOKS.

    A useful suggestion is to place a listing of the hangings with their reasons for hanging and where they took place in Belize for the 20th century. They are not many and could be some interesting piblic information for the youths of today.