Contractor and UDP Hopefull Bulldozes 2300 Year Old Mayan Temple 1

Something that seems to be a norm in Belize has made it’s way into the International Media’s eye. The senseless and ignorant destruction of our Belizean Heritage and History.

Who caused the destruction? A political affiliate and aspirant for the UDP party Denny Grijalva. Quote from 7NewsBelize:

The name we saw on the heavy equipment is D-Mar Construction – owned by Denny Grijalva, UDP hopeful for Orange Walk Central. Grijalva said he knew nothing about the project and referred us to his foreman who never answered at least a dozen calls we made to him. Then Grijalva said he would be there in twenty minutes, we waited fourty and left – we had been stood up.

How in hell do you own a company and not know what’s going on with your  projects?

The thing that a lot of the reports fail to mention is that this is a common thing in Belize and that the Government is just as guilty of this crime. They know this issue happens and have done nothing to ensure that it does not continue.

“Ministry of Works always complains that it makes road fill.”

– Dr. Allan Moore

Dr. Allan Moore

“This is one of the largest building in Norther Belize. I am appalled! I was hoping that when I was driving up from the main San Juan road that it would not be this one but when I got closer I couldn’t believe it when I saw all the trucks. This is an incredible destruction.”

“It’s a monument of ignorance and unfortunately that’s the way it is. We always try to look at the positive side. Now we will probably have to look at this and say that it is a good example of what not to do.”

Dr. John Morris

“This is one of the worst that I have seen in my entire 25 years of Archaeology in Belize. We can’t salvaged what has happened out here – it is an incredible display of ignorance. I am appalled and don’t know what to say at this particular moment.”

“Like a huge palace or building or a huge temple it would have had many rooms in there, multi-layered rooms so you have rooms for people living and you would also had several tombs in there of the people who lived in this area here.”

Image released by Dr. Jaime Awe

“What kind of damage has been done at the site?”

Allan Moore

“Irreversible. I mean you can’t even quantify it. Culture is not about money. Your patrimony is not about money. It is the value of your identity; it is the value of your Belizean-ness in you. It is the value of having that affinity to a past. That’s what makes Belizeans, Belizeans. It’s the passion; we know where we come from, we have a common root and the wholesomeness of culture. You can’t sell culture, you can’t buy culture; it is within you. And that is priceless as far as I am concerned.”

Jaime Awe

“We have been informed that the owner of D-Mars is Mister Grijalva. What we then discussed is that the archeologists will go into the police station; take the police there so that they could record the damage with the full intention that we will take this matter to court. And so the next step is that the police are getting some more information on who is responsible, who the land owner is and the purpose of that is to seek that this matter goes to court. And the reason is that it is against the law; it is against the nature act to willfully destroy an ancient monument. And the denature act. Any willful destruction of an ancient site or monument has penalties of ten years imprisonment or ten thousand dollars for this kind of destruction. So the matter will go to court and hopefully that litigation will come through.”

FiWeBelize is happy to learn that this issue will be taken to court and be dealt with as it should be. We also hope that as more of these cases of destruction of our national heritage comes up that they too are taken to court so that we can stop the practice.

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