Constitution of Belize – Citizenship 3

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3 thoughts on “Constitution of Belize – Citizenship

  • Paco Smith.

    There it is in BIG, BOLD, RED letters. We have the laws in place, but it is the PUDP who have blatantly ignored them. There are so many “learned, legal minds” in this nation and I have yet to see one step-up and pursue the appropriate course of actions against all previous Ministers of Immigration who sat idly by and allowed such betrayal of our country to occur, unabated.

    Belizeans and true friends of Belize, its time to take responsibility for the betterment of our nation. Call a spade a spade and make those who have been vested with the authority to oversee the governance of Belize, ACCOUNTABLE!

    That initial step can be undertaken on 6th October 2013, by casting a resounding “NO” vote to the ICJ. It will send a clear and distinct message to “powers that be”, that we are no longer asleep. Belizeans who truly love their homeland must do the prudent thing and serve notice to all concerned…that no longer shall we stand idly by and allow our laws to be violated, with impunity.

    Belize, Sovereign and Free – NO ICJ!