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FBI plans social network map alert mash-up application

The FBI is seeking to develop an early-warning system based on material “scraped” from social networks. It says the application should provide information about possible domestic and global threats superimposed onto maps “using mash-up technology”. The bureau has asked contractors to suggest possible solutions including the estimated cost. Privacy campaigners say they are concerned that the move could have implications for free speech. The FBI’s Strategic Information and Operations Center (SOIC) posted its “Social Media Application” market research request onto the web on 19 January, and it was subsequently flagged up by New Scientist magazine. The document says: “Social media […]

Twitter refines technology to have ability to censor tweets in individual countries

We know this could be a good thing, but like every good thing; there is always the dark side to it and we tend to point those out. This is an awesome tool for Governments that want to manipulate people and do as they please. Government uses it’s power to determine what they think is right and wrong and what is best for you and as such can dictate what you read, listen to and see online. Think Censorship isn’t real or that it isn’t going to happen? Think again! Slowly they are brainwashing and molding our mental capacity to […]

Going sort of retro with Facebook

Feel like too much is happening with Facebook? Want to get some nostalgia back in your Social Networking? Well do we have some surprise for you. You can bring some of your favorite features back to Facebook. Remove the Ticker Hide application Spam and other tweaks to make FB less annoying Bring back your old chat window Replace the Comment button Restore the old photoviewer These features work on Firefox and Chrome, each browser has it’s own list of things it can do. We will be adding more as we find them. See the instructions here Related articles Ready or […]