Missing – Edwardo Daniel Alamilla and Charlie Espat

Last seen Saturday June 2nd, 2012 Heading from San Ignacio to Belize City traveling in a dark green Isuzu pickup with Texas plates and flames stickers on the side. Anyone with information, please call crime stoppers at 800 922 8477 or 911

Jasmine Alert 2

Belize is so behind on the technology time line it is not funny. With all the crime going on in Belize, the police and medical sectors need to get much financing to become what the nation needs them to be. There is so much that can be done, the Governments and people simply need to want it to happen and push as hard as needs be to get it. To start with there needs to be a system of networks bound together that will span country-wide. Ala Amber Alert here in the US. It would be a bit expensive but […]

Missing – Jasmin Lowe

Name: JASMIN LOWE 5 feet in height, clear complexion, dark hair, speaks English and Spanish, her dad is Chris Lowe owner of Fruit A Plenty and her mom’s name is Marisol who works at Maras beauty Salon. The child left her house yesterday Monday June 4th to do her nails with her mom and the child never reached her destination. if anybody knows about her whereabouts kindly call the uncle at 664-9517. Her father says that information reaching him is that Jasmine may have entered a white taxi near the low-lying wooden bridge in Santa Elena. Anyone with information, please […]

Missing – Delvin Galvez and Stephanie Mejia

Two people have been reported missing, and the police and worried family members are appealing to the general public for assistance in locating their loved ones. In the first, instance Roaring Creek resident Delvin Galvez, 38, disappeared a week ago. According to police reports, Galvez left home in the company of a Hispanic man on Thursday, March 22 and has not been seen or heard from since. Delvin Galvez, also known as “Peelie” is of brown complexion and stands five feet four inches tall. He wears an afro hair style and has a tear drop tattoo below his right eye. […]

Nerry Cardenas

MISSING Name: Nerry Eufemia Cardenas Age: 23 Height: 5’4″ Eye Color: Dark Brown Hair Color: Black Hair Type: Curly Shoulder Lenght Physical Build: Slender Last seen: December 10th, 2008 in Santa Familia Village, Orange Walk Wearing: Additional Information

Missing Reports

FiWeBelize has taken an initiative to keep a log of missing people in Belize. It’s a good idea to post these up in a central place since most of these items get lost in the news and never seem to resurface or get the attention they need. Hopefully as a community we can start to make this a bigger list where others can go visit to know who’s missing and if they see them they know what to do and provide a way to keep the word out in the open. These families need all the help they can get […]

Benjamin and Onelia Rash

MISSING Two children, a 9 year old boy and an 11 year old girl from San Marcos Villagers are missing for over a year now. Reported missing to local police on Monday August 30th 2010 Name: Benjamin Rash Age: 11 Years Height: 5’0″ Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Hair Type: Straight Last seen: Monday August 30th 2010 in Hopeville Punta Gorda Town Wearing: Blue T-shirt with red sleeves, black short pants and green rubber slippers. Name: Onelia Rash Age: 9 Years Height: Approx 3’5″ Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Hair Type: Straight Last seen: Monday August 30th 2010 […]

Kadisha, Still Missing One Year Later 1

On the one-year anniversary of her daughter’s mysterious disappearance, a Mother’s grief knows no bounds. 16 year old High School student, Kadisha Saragoza went missing on January 20th, last year, and tonight, her mother Andrea Saragoza told Seven News her daughter’s whereabouts remain a mystery. The mother of ten says the year has taken its toll on her family’s fragile nerves, and their hope for Kadisha’s safe return has been shaken. Miss Saragoza says Kadisha was last seen with her boyfriend the night she went missing, now all she and the teenager’s nine siblings would like is some closure. Andrea […]