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Linux Build for children at BCVI

We got hold of some laptops and will be putting them in the hands of some children at the BCVI in Belize. They come ready with Vinux a flavor of Ubuntu Linux for Visually Impaired users, we are doing this in an effort to bring the children up to speed with new technologies and to put the school in an OpenSource base where costs are reduced as far as licensing goes and getting hardware in the hands of the children.  Learn more about BCVI here. From the Vinux Site: What is Vinux? Vinux is a Ubuntu derived distribution optimised for […]

Monitoring an Outlook Web Access site with Nagios

I was tasked at work to devise a way to make our Exchange OWA site be monitored by our Nagios-3 servers. After several days and some hours of research, hoping that someone had already done it in hopes of making my life easier; I ended up with one script that basically combined php and curl. Being new to scripting it was most confusing and I ended up taking on the task to introduce myself to it. Here goes… At work we use Linux on all our servers so I had to get learning on something compatible and what better than […]