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The deafening noise of the Police and Judiciary sytem in Belize

There is a large community of Immigrants in Belize and many have given and keep giving lots to Belize. There has been case after case of crime against visitors and immigrants in Belize with nothing much to nothing at all done by the Police or the Judiciary; all while the embassies of their home nation sit by quietly twiddling their thumbs. I know it’s bad enough that the Government of Belize refuses to invest the money to empower our Belize Police Department and to allow the Judiciary to be independent of political games and abuse; but wrong is wrong no […]

UnHappy Birthday Belize

I wanted to wait for the festivities to simmer down before I put my thoughts out to my fellow Belizeans. I do not know how you will receive my speech or how it will be scrutinized, but these are my heartfelt convictions. I heard some of the speeches and for the most part heard a lot of pretty flowers, shiny gems and smelt nice perfume that all masked the reality that our nation faces today, 33 years and a couple days old. I won’t go into the pretties too much, you know that is not me. My idea is to […]

Why Don't We Get Lower Prices At The Fuel Pump? 2

On September 8, 2012, an oil tanker named the Miramis, arrived in Belize City with fuel from Venezuela’s national oil company, PDVSA. The UDP Administration has reactivated a long standing Petrocarib agreement that has been laying dormant for 6 years. Petrocaribe is compsed of 14 countries (including Venezuela) that signed the Petrocaribe Energy Cooperation Agreement on June 29, 2005 as well as Haiti, which signed the agreement on May 14, 2006. Signatories to the agreement are provided generous financing terms when they purchase oil and petroleum products from Venezuela and have the option of making partial payment in goods and […]


PLACENCIA & SEINE BIGHT WATER BOARDS AND VILLAGE COUNCILS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Placencia Contact: 523-3396/523-4036 Email: Seine Bight Contact: 623-5004/664-3996 Email: INTEGRATED WATER AND SANITATION PROGRAMME FOR THE PLACENCIA PENINSULA Today September 11, 2012; Ladies and Gentlemen, the fine people of Placencia Peninsula; we are here to inform the General Public that the Government of Belize in conjunction with Belize Water Services Ltd. (BWSL), have lied to, mislead and manipulated the communities of the Placencia Peninsula. A TIMELINE OF EVENTS: July 27, 2010: I attended the first meeting about the Integrated Water and Sanitation Programme for the […]

Thoughts on Marijuana 1

Marijuana is better for you than lighting up a cigarette. Cigarettes have things like tar and other unnatural things that will turn your lungs black and give you cancer, while marijuana doesn’t. The difference is a) marijuana affects you more, b) cigarettes are legal, and c) there are no deaths recorded that have come from Marijuana alone. However… Most street marijuana has been laced with other chemicals, like rat poison and other insecticides. These increase the feeling of intoxication. Obviously, if a chemical would kill another form of life, it would not be good for you. You need to suspect […]

Is Marijuana bad? – A Christian's POV

Religion can be used for many things on both sides of the table especially in discussing issues. One of the main issues on the table today is Marijuana use and the decriminalization of it in Belize, so let’s go with that. 19 Now the works of the flesh are evident, which are: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lewdness, 20 idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies, 21 envy, murders, drunkenness, revelries, and the like; of which I tell you beforehand, just as I also told you in time past, that those who practice such things will not […]

Dictatorship vs Democracy

Ever since the formation of societies, small or large, the phenomenon of the one-man-rule has dominated the history of mankind. When it comes to deciding which form of government is the most efficient, there is always a debate. Democracy is the form of government which is followed in countries like America and India. On the other hand, China, Cuba and Zimbabwe are among the countries which have a dictatorship form of government. So, which one is the better of the two? What is the difference between dictatorship and democracy? Dictatorship vs Democracy Definition Democracy is defined as a government of […]

Poverty – The International Violation of Human Rights 4

These days there are much talks of rights violation from the criminal to LGBT, however there is one issue that is not seeing as much motion or effort for something that we consider the most basic of human rights violation; Poverty. Belizeans must not take freedom and human rights for granted. We need to focus on the poverty level and underdeveloped communities of Belize first then we can move onto other rights for what sense does it make if you can live safe in jail or have same sex marriages when you can’t afford to buy food for your child […]

What happens when a country Defaults on their Foreign Debt or gets a Bailout to avoid Foreclosure? 4

Lets look that the Bailout deal struck today to attempt to save Greece from Financial disaster. EU – European Union ECB – European Central Bank IMF – International Monetary Fund The second bailout for Greece will avert imminent bankruptcy and Greece will stay in the Eurozone. The deal comes in two parts: Investors take a huge loss of $142 Billion Dollars (A loss of nearly 55%) Greece will receive 130 Billion Euros in new loans. But before that can happen they have to implement 3 Billion Euros in spending cuts. To add, they will get an interest rate reduction to […]

Animal Farm-George Orwell 1

Animal Farm is an allegorical novella by George Orwell published in England on 17 August 1945. According to Orwell, the book reflects events leading up to and during the Stalin era before World War II. Orwell, a democratic socialist, was a critic of Joseph Stalin and hostile to Moscow-directed Stalinism, especially after his experiences with the NKVD, and what he saw of the results of the influence of Communist policy (“ceaseless arrests, censored newspapers, prowling hordes of armed police” – “Communism is now a counter-revolutionary force”), during the Spanish Civil War. In a letter to Yvonne Davet, Orwell described Animal […]

Moody's: Belize PM Suggestion Of Changes To Bond Payments Is Credit Negative 2

SINGAPORE (Dow Jones)–Remarks last week by Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow that his administration would seek “clear instructions” from the electorate “to do something about the superbond” are credit negative and raise concerns about another debt restructuring, Moody’s Investors Service said … All I will say about this is: Our Politicians Know What’s Going On … Like Rats Leaving A Sinking Ship. Dean Oliver Barrow is no fool. He knows what’s coming. He knows what has been in store for Belize for several years and he wants no more of it. But who can blame him, he already got his […]