Belizeans and true friends of Belize,

It appears as though the Cabinet has made a pronouncement concerning the proposed Norwegian Cruise Lines development on Crawl Caye.

As with all things, especially in dealing with matters deriving from this administration, a word to the wise is that despite what you glean from the press release…”the devil is in the details”.

On the surface it looks as though the Cabinet made a wise, sound and appropriate decision, based on the statutes involving environmental protection. Yet, it causes the “enquiring mind” to query why, on one hand they opt to disregard issues pertaining to environmental protection and concern, when it involves seismic testing and oil exploration in our forest reserves, then subsequently show signs of an environmental “conscience” regarding the matter at hand. The bottom line is, that “all that glitters isn’t gold”.

Again, given this administration’s propensity for manipulating the “law”, you are asked to pay keen attention to the wording of the release. In particular, kindly note where it reads…

“However, in an effort to stimulate employment and open up other economic benefits for Belizeans in the South, Cabinet did support Norwegian Cruise Line’s request to search for an alternate site in Southern Waters…”

Translation, people of the South and truly concerned Belizeans everywhere, gear up for round 2, because a development as lucrative as this one will certainly NOT be shelved.

Therefore, let us remain vigilant and ensure that those in Belmopan recognise that we will not sit idly by and allow the proverbial “tail” to wag “the dog”. Cabinet’s decision on this matter is simply a temporary adjournment, because if their track record is indicative of things to come, this proposed development will certainly resurface, complete with the adjoining cronies lined up, for what they believe is their piece of the pie.

Conservation entities and inhabitants of the South, along with the assistance of others, be sure to not be lulled to sleep on this one!


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