Brainwashed – Chained by Illusion

Best ending segment ever so far on Breaking The Set. 3+ minute Video should give you chills. Do Americans prefer living within the ‘Grand Illusions’ perpetuated by NPR or other msm networks and parroted by the masses? Even if you approach intelligent folk & show them concrete evidence of what is reality, given the extreme nature of situations, will most just succumb to ‘normalcy bias’ and refuse to believe you? If you ACTUALLY get through to them, will they still just say that your being “negative”? Though Understanding & Knowledge is NOT what is negative. ESCAPISM from what is actually going on, is what’s negative and the ignorance is dangerous to all of us!

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Are Americans Chained by Illusion? Abby Martin takes a look back at philosopher Plato’s the ‘Allegory of the Cave’ and its application to today’s society.

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