Benque Free Zone update

This update was sent in by an eye witness.

Western Border update: 31-3-14 @1:30PM

Game of cat and mouse, while Guatemalan security forces went for lunch, time to work fast! 🙂

Despite the gun fire and confiscation of goods by security forces earlier, see pics inside SAT office, the trafficking of contraband of illicit goods continue flowing from the Benque Viejo Free Zone, using under aged youths to carry in the goods through the contraband trails into Guatemala. The logic they run faster and the Guatemalan authorities will not arrest minors;

See attached pictures of youths going up the trail, and youths coming back FOR MORE!

Note: This is done in front of the OAS office, what IMAGE WILL THIS SEND WHEN IT’S TIME TO GO TO ICJ?



  1. Is Belize in violation of international law or treaties, such as transnational crimes?
  2. Why are minors or undocumented persons allowed into free zone, with the protection of free zone security?
  3. Is Belize in violation in international labor laws, children to facilitate illicit contraband trade?
  4. Has Belize Human Rights Commission or United Nations been advised of the situation?
  5. Is U. S. State Department monitoring the situation, since this is clear violations of the Transnational Crimes Act?
  6. Whose responsibility is the Free Zone’s in Belize, which Minister?
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