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One thought on “Belizeans should reject Major Lloyd Jones if he runs for office

  • Natalie A Pook

    I am sorry Mr. Ramos, I respectfully disagree with you. You can’t have your cake and eat it too… You want to keep you American Citizenship… by all means do. I would love to hear what the American public would have to say when you decide to run for President as a Belizean-American with dual nationality. I am sure they would never have it so why would you want to water down the Belize Constitution to open the way for all types of other problems because once those flood gates are open, you cannot close them back. A Belizean is a Belizean and given the history of Belizean Citizenship for sale left right and center by both red and blue… any “so-called” Belizean would be able to run for office – including Citizen Kim Won-hong